Blitz com profissionais da saúde orienta motoristas que trafegam nas rodovias do país

I think Chuck Norris is a chess world champion!This instrument's I can everything.Tell us below in the comments!I wish i would've stayed in that course for sure now.

Commathematics-basic-formulas.Who is the composer?6:40 Magnus is jamming out to those beats while he plays a GM, lol.

Weirdest 3:10Most brutal 9:48Funniest 17:45.

Weirdest 3:10Most brutal 9:48Funniest 17:45.

I just wacth this video while i am wearing Hoodie.TMPE should have a new founction for the timed light obligation to turn left or right and obligation to pass trought that way you could have use 2 cargo train and split the traFIC LEFT AND RIGHTevery 5 sec because the drivers AI is taking the shortest or the fastest or the nearest one.Superbbbb I really liked it.Stupid teacher forces me to use getElementbyID instead --.Oh btw, don't forget about that unused boots.The optimum radius for the cutting point of the tool is equal to the depth of cut you will make with the tool.This makes me so sad and so emotional.If I asked a desk shaped L 1.You changed my perception of chess when you had 25 seconds and said plenty of time lol.Can anyone please tell me why my is so rubberyin spite of following every step thoroughly ?

Gigantic X this is good but is not on any play storeor apk store.Eric is just awesome.But why white dont go D5 with pawn?The comprehensiveness of this book is unbelievable.Nice video, hope you will cover more Rubinstein games.You're the best commentator.I hate anything dangling when the table saw is running.Thanx for that recap, needed to hear ya side.Take your pick, I go with the clickbait.I think the accuracy and level of play has to slim it down to and at least 2650 FIDE rating and of all the players I know with that rating and above, and Im familiar with virtually all of them, DogsofWar is most similar to Duda.

Love your accent.What a clever and cool way to recycle a lot of offcuts.Looks like a nail gun, but i don't see any nails.I hope I've expressed myself right, my english is not that good.11:30 this was not like some clown combination, d5 this is no joke.Just wondering what the price tag on that is?

Nas Brown

Stop playin w rory like he ain’t been shootin from the parking lot all season

Sergio G

Thank you! you are saving lives and fingers


Do a Serial Killer Files of Issei Sagawa.the Cannibal

Taylor Hood

How does this not have millions of views?


He seems so much grandfather type.


6:26, something's wrong with the drill bit.

Lisa Harrison

How many reach out for help, likes others to be left with out a call back, I don’t know if it would have changed the outcome, would have been nice to have tried.


Amazing finesse at this level, like black belt judo. The smallest details make all the difference.

Branko Barac

Nice videos Mato u are the best! Pozdrav iz Zrenjanina :)