Blitz Chess Analyzed: Kasparov Plays The King's Gambit!

Wow i like watching your videos i subscribed.I had received all of that advice and actually started my learning process in C.But it's beautiful!I boiled my strip for 5 minutes and it broke immediately.7:37 why not queen g7.

Greatly explained in detail and the mapping was great as well, thanks.One reason why we need Factories over in NA making these products.Is a very large number.His beard got me shook.Why do I predict what moves that karpov plays?I dropped my phone at 0:15 and I thought it broke lol.If e(root163pi) was in fact a whole number, wouldn’t that mean that e and pi wouldn’t be transcendental?

So it'll appear as

So it'll appear as

Ben has excellent teaching abilities.Another great video.What is that powder you are using?Lololol Simon got fucked.Wife: No you don't.The rook is the killer.Absolutely no one.Grandmasters tend to have a certain expectation of what should happen, almost programmed pathways in the brain, when odd moves are thrown in I wonder if it messes with their heads a bit.

Around 20:00-best.

Around 20:00-best.

Playing like Fischer.Absolutely love your videos.Anyone else have this problem?Also my local flea market has a guy that sells only cylinder phonographs and cylinders for them!I LOVE your concise videos.Anwar some dumb ass shit sometime.It means that there is no standard way on how to lay them out and it annoys me when I go to enter numbers in on a meter or something and then you have to look to see how they are laid out.The Universe: What will be the excuse next quarter my dog ate my profits?I can’t today because I’m only a kid.

6:36 scared the check outta me.It said dont leave when you were in the attic.Pls link for comparing chess players?You did not explain whyhowever, EVERYONE seems to prefer the knight capture.I'm not even that into chess, but i love the guy who narrates this video.Atlanta ooh nana.

I made it works

I made it works

I knew round 9 and 10 would be very hard for him.Noticed you didn't mention anything about wetting the SMBC before covering with fondant, please can you explain how you made it adhere, did you bring it out from the fridge before rolling out your fondant and used the condensation to make it tacky?I really don't understand this.GetItem("tetrisHighScore")!Although i am not good at English but you explain quite clear thank you so much.

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Wanna listen chessrap? Go to 19:11

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what the fuck is up with daniel, he used to be quite pleasant to watch some years ago. now it seems like he is trying to becomedian. get eric back on, alone

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2:41 why cant everyone just look up and say the color of their hat?