Black Excellist: 22 Habits of Rich People

Omg where is try guys try and escape an escape room!Are there subtitles to their minds?Square grid rather than hexagon grid.  A confusing game and Tal got lucky.Illuminati game don't pay thir game ever this will open Gen gate.

Simple design lines, but elegant.That's friggin awesome.This is how I learned to play chess.I freakin hate your analysis you sound so sure of yourself and Magnus always proves you wrong lol. Many consider 2.

TRUMP 2020 LANDSLIDE In GOD we TRUST, the BEST is yet to COME.Before I change my mind !Great video guys.How does one change the micro SD card in the DGT pi computer clock?I have moved from poplar to oak and am currently tillering the bow ( very slowly, since I killed the first bow by tillering the limbs down to much on accident ) Wish me luck and keep up the good work!

His drawing of a triangle was a grime triangle.It is possible without the while-loop.Never realized Techmoan was using music from the Audio Library, although this makes a lot of sense ).What's a model AEG miter saw?I think this place used to be a BB, notice the numbers on the doors of the rooms.I believe I have watched all your videos because I'm not getting any recommendation from your channel.Thanks for showing the technique on the ends to handle expansion.I like that too.Or that they make cheese too.Ivanchuk plays like alpha zero.

Oh my god, this

Oh my god, this

The boy is nervous because of idiot talking.Call me a minority, but I am 16.Beautiful cake n testi.Hikaru: Na, nah.The whole Staunton-Morphy controversy was something ginned up by a journalist.That was awesome.I'm well established.What software do you use for the chess game?

C h r i s t O p h e

She's so beautyfull !


Nice, very innovative. never heard of the GO shaft. Nice 9 ball 2 rail bank 13:25

Gabor Koranyi

Great contents as always. I'd like to add to your vast knowledge: Marczy is pronounced like "marotsi", not "maroxi".

Yubraj Bhatta

I'm surprised how can Mikhail Tal resign the game?Haven't watched any game that he was loosing


Jerry is the best :)


Just a thought, it was better to use leather instead of that textile


Where can i get a black cutting mat like that one?

Damo Hanson

Hari Krishna ? Really?

Mk Km

The name should be atomic nucleus


This film is one I grew up with. The books, games, music, board games. I loved it. When it ended, my childhood died. One thing only makes me cry about these films. Not the deaths, or the ending. But the music.It is so beautiful to hear this at the start, and end. I can’t wait to tell kids about this!

Mouse GrayEagle

Yay you made a shiny! A temporally paradoxical shiny o.o

Brearin Land

Your use of grammar like his them is pretty hard to follow. Need to help your audience understand who you’re talking about. It takes a couple sentences to catch up to wth you’re talking about.

hum yum

such game makes me feel chess can be creative nowadays, till u find out that was home prepared with all fish in the ocean

Dwaipayan Datta Roy


Aboubecrine biha

This guy is awesome! Keep up the good work!

mama und papa

also, the maximum of possible clones in the bottom row and leftmost colum is two, so plenty of greenland unfilled


Inspiraton job! Congratulations.


15:23 why wouldn't black just play be3 check?

d 40

Cool lesson man... Very well explained and straight to the point