Black Dragon Interviewed on the Motorcycle Madhouse by Insane Throttle Biker News

Wait why you said stolen slaves?Oh boy, what a teacher he is !That was a great idea very intelligent and an awesome video you've got one new subscribers thank you.After they met in the WCC with all draws until the tie-break rapid phase, the general consensus was that the match fell well short of expectations.It's 10 X 10 the chess board is 8X8.I finally see the BiG PiCTURE when playing the Bishop Opening.I saw this video in taxi when I was going to the airport bye bye.

No luxery lifedegnified gentle life mentainred.He sat out last night!Is it’s not justice!U r brave person I think, go ahead, keep it up, ur English also good.

Is it because it's hand-held?Can anyone explain to me what the "Sorry about that" is about?Anna is a living doll.US needs to start waiving these medical fees so more people will be willing to get checked for the virus.11 white take bishop with check and capture rook for rook white will be up a bishop he did not see it.

Thanks from Steve in the UK.

Thanks from Steve in the UK.

Great work man i have you tought me so much about chess keep please dont stop making content.I made a IN-8 Nixie Tube Clock kit, and I can dim the tubes on that.Make sure your opponent has no Brain.For example, after Rh2 Rf2, what next?Jeez, what a beast.

I'm way past being a kid and I actually enjoyed and watched the entire presentation.Josef looks like he has to pee in about half of this video.This video needs serious revisiting.I answered 3 of them!Feels satisfaying to see being beaten a nasty fucking Indian, NAKAMURA RULES!Saludos desde Rancagua - Chile.Big balander for marker.MoveForEquality.There is some prints right near the stairs.I like the retro pencil.


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RageAgainstTheMachine RageAgainstTheMachine

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Nation Harris

I used to see that stuff on trees, I always assumed it was tree sap. Turns out it's bug shit... Nice!


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mohamed salman

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Perfect, loved it. Thank you.

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Tech Tins

Is this not called a sus2 chord?

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Zarion 11

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nothing, I need 1000x faster or more. Have you ever printed 3D real car ?



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Maria Elena Alonso

Got the link from a friend great job love your work new here God bless you both


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