I love how Magnus gave zero shits the entire game lol.And he is also busy with commenting while playing blitz!Magnus Carlsen Anna Rudolf.How did I get here :.Im in the middle of watching this and my TV turns on.I like the size of it.Is it because of his style of play ?

This is the most unlikeable guy I’ve ever seen.It boggles my mind that factories can’t produce a perfectly flat piece of metal or sharpen something properly.Roses are redViolets are blueIm playing chessSo why arent you?I come for the laughs and then I learn something.I'm an art teacher, a fan of John Nash, a bad ass, and most importantly, a staunch Believer in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.Because no matter what there’s always a bigger fish.Looking forward tfor more to come.Here's the thing, it was my money and I chose the MacBook air as my travel machine.

Zoo" on whittington ave.That dog is so cute it brought tears to my eyes.At this age I was jumped from the top and got broken my arm Shaktimaan.Plz guide me how can I win.You’re clearly 100000x more knowledgeable than me but some of those cuts on the table saw made me go eeeeek!Karpov Petrosian Alechine Morphy Judit.How to waste 15minutes before the good stuff.The cartridge tech did not die but the format of this didand it just was resurrected in the soul of the Phillips compact cassette.This is called the Elephant Trap because historically the Bishop derived from a similar piece called the Elephant.

queue Vsauce music: 1:35.That explains alot.Jerry, I needed to hear your voice so I put another one of your videos up in another tab while I watched this one.Replace the titanium with a marble block.If I had the will-power to solve this.Double parked at a hydrant at CVS.16:12 i think bishop b4 is a better move than pawnxf4.Incredibly large lie.

(From Allbrown87 in

(From Allbrown87 in

They didn’t interview the guy and ask him what the f happened?Then again, my father got his education at both Berkeley and BYU.It's fine to take a breath between sentences, even during sentences if appropriate.If we get stuck in traffic or a queue at immigration and we miss the flights we loose the flight.The way i see it when it comes to me not being able to fit in its my fault not anyone elses, i dont blame anyone but myself for being too different.Please do a wee Fusion 360 tutorial.

Actually, the lathe was written about

Actually, the lathe was written about

You should show aronian play lol, that would be awesome if you did some coverage of that rapid tournament.I also done like this.11:01 Why not Nf3?Good thing I skipped to the end to find out if the cabin was completed.Color-agra penc-allsWoRds ArE HaRd.Hi AgadmatorPlease cover the awsome game by grischuk and a hoodie guy rated over 3000.Paperclip washrooms and windows.

A bit positionally

A bit positionally

Such straight lines!I hope you continue your work!He is so unique, No one can take balance of there rating with 2750 but anand is immortal.Philip ll, Father of Alexander the great threatened Sparta with: "If i bring my army into your land, i will destroy your farms, slay your people and raze your city.Awesome work on the chessboard and all the pieces.

madhavan p

Getting sixth in this global event is very good and we will win next time

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One time ..i thought a stick Of RAM went bad on me... Took a pencil eraser and cleaned the copper connectors then used some Isopropilic alcohol and scrubbed the stick, let it dry and it worked fin

Cyko Path

I like your accent say it again7:58


the intro is so goofy

Anupama Rao

One question, when mendez plays pawn to b4, why cant fischer respond with knight to a4?

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What type of rag to minimize lint?

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Walang kwentang lalaki dapat iniiwan yan sa umpisa palang.Di na dapat pinatagal yan.

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I must say you have some good workshop kit and great video

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Great videos

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A little bit of Rob is a lot of happy for me!!!

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Your voice is somewhat different. Its better in my opinion. Is that new mic?

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Its wobbly.

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its makingme intellegent

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Someone that plays slower than Magnus in the opening? Wow

Neth BT

law of diminishing returns

Kevin GG Strike

I'm sorry I don't know anything bout chess. Who won? I saw him get mad at losing a piece but besides that and the epic last minute for both, I don't know anything else

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Why does mine stick

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wow nice idea


6:10 for the same reason that a point has 0 length, area, volume


Amazing video Simon!

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Fantastic cake - this is amazing - you are so talented - I think I could only tackle the rainbow cake - Well done !!