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So I read alot of the comments and I am the only one I think to notice that the mirror is gone.Or his first name?How to win every game if you are playing White:White, open with Pawn e-4.Now he’s gonna make the rest of the galaxy.

A thousanddollar chess set does

A thousanddollar chess set does

But how you will make a knight?Two quick questions.I think that a lot of new gamedevelopers need it.B) drink six beers.Pagli ho tume aata nhi hai banana.You should really give an example or something of the image you put in the outline prefab.I don't have a table saw.Download Nimses here:.If I like to fall asleep, I listen to your monotonous voice !That endgame technique was beautiful.

This is made for me.I just don’t always have 45 minutes to work on my chess game.You make me cry.Just used this in a game to defeat an opponent.The Problem here is that there was always better technology BUT there is no compatibility.And you think that glass is flat?The tip with Velcro strips was great.Top Tip: Try using a smaller roller.He did his best to break geechi down and lift twork up.You'd better change the battery in your calculator.

Draws are so boring.Sir Can you make a video tips and strategies about endgame.Those kings have balls.I like the destruction at the end lol.It has a cool tip.Not fair at all, the assasin can duplucate, and cant be killed, not fair at all!Good solution for every woodworker.

I liked Gawain's try with the Queen sac, certainly provided some excellent play, yet I also must credit Carlsen's technical ability to grow his advantages.Neither are defined as numbers but they do have implied definitions They are defined as smallest of the small and largest of the large and those implied definitions have their uses in some circumstances.Those turned out great!Nghi 113bnh lun!I really enjoy watching your videos, they are both extremely helpful and entertaining :) Its awsome what your doing keep up the great work :).Any redstoners here understand this.

I’ve been running Kuraki HBM for 15 yrs

I’ve been running Kuraki HBM for 15 yrs

You gotta finish it.But I will after I destroy this guy.Do Python, I would love to see what you could do in Python.We can't just dive down then go and a straight angle takes too long so we make a curve.A must try recipe.This Dude is more youthful at heart than a lot of the Youth.I wonder if the spirit sprayed it on the counter?


"and in this position Alexandr Hilrio Takeda Sakai dos Santos Fier resigned the game"

Stephanie Bauld

12:52 Moe : I think this is a marker...Me: omg wow he knows nothing that's a tampon

Roberto Narvaez

Felicitaciines,Amigo sus trabajos son magistrales saludos desde el norte Argentino

Samuel Hernandez

He has no respect for me


Even after watching you craft several dozen of these spectacular boards, I never tire of watching as another piece comes to life.Well done sir, well done indeed.Charlie(USA)


14:14 the figure in the corner of the board moved

Richard Abbott

Lou you're out of control !! The flu kills upwards of 30,000 people a year ... This is no pandemic it's a panicdemic and people like you are arrogant azzholes ... This guys doing his job which is something you know nothing about

Kuba Dreiseitl

Why is this in my recommendation?

Ramon Ocasio

Great job as always.

Jihade OZ

so fucking slow

Frankie Gee

Carlson had this guy more pinned than a witches voodoo doll.


settings -> speed -> .75


Best thing ever unless or are clumsy, have kids or pets, otherwise it’s perfect?

Mia H

I only learned how to play chess five days ago, and me being the creative type, I felt really inspired to carve my own pieces. This is truly inspiring!