9:28 what if black plays e5?Audience at home actually knew how to win this time.That is the nutshell of all great speeches like this and my own core belief along these lines.A larger board with mountain and river spaces that act like the castles, they can't be moved onto They must be moved around and can be used to trapkill pieces, would add even more strategy and difficulty to the game.

"i'm a gamer" epic.Did you have to part company with it?Haha that's hilarious.When a Russian speaks in English know it's serious business.Bishop takes back sure but then white has Knight g5 threatening checkmate and the black queen is under attack by the bishop on g2.For DIY first timers, make sample corners out of scrap pieces first before you go cutting your final pieces.Pretty rough tbh, not sure i would have published.Fabio sneaking in a little footsie.

Magnus is the man!What do you do if a 8 track player is playing about 25% fast?His goofy laugh gets me every time.It is me, but im baldie now.Usually don’t skip a game you post but Kramnik is zzzz.I just want to say that if Garry drew that game he would win the tournament because Kramnik would be 5.Which are, in your opinion, the best 3 books that you can study to improve your endgame skills?Specifically track.My name a jeff lol XD i cant beat this game in under an hour and im pissed :(.Kamsky won a great game also with the white pieces in the lines of the Panov-Botvinnik attack.

Adobe Adobe: Everything we've made has come together.Tal's play is fascinating, creative, aggressive, and often brilliant.Not sure on the tabletop but that stand is fantastic.  if I had a place to set up a chessboard we could play through the mail like that email or snail mail but I was hoping for some program we could put on our computers that would just keep track of the game for days, weeks, or months.Thank you for your great content!I love it so much.There are only about 10 Russian World Chess champions: how hard is it to have a decency and try to pronounce their names correctly?Your game plan is made fromthose who doesnt know how to be expert.


Naka gets so much joy out of tilting Eric.

Duy Dng L

where's the library "SFML/Graphics.hpp" ???

Bui Luong

Khng hay

romain ferreira

You missed something so BIG at 16:11. Rather than Kf3, you should have played Be6 and pin the queen with the king that was game ending for black. In 3 sec of reflexion, of course it's pretty hard to find the best moves but that one was hugh

Shane redgate

Only a month old when i seen this.. I actually thought theyd found a way to nelt wood I know its not possible atm but as humanity has done shit some people just couldnt believe ya never know

Sammy khaleel

I am the Official first!

Dark Knight

Hey agad! It's been a day where have you been?

Tamara Beal

The last five minutes or so of your video you talk about the movement of the earth through space, as well as how the sun is moving through the universe. Is there any specific other videos or literature you recommend to learn more about that part of your talk? I am giving a program this saturday for a state park I work at about Leap Years. Thanks!



Melissa Carr

When you were in the Attic I heard a voice say .. don't leave... Scared the hell out of me


Wooow latvian openning is so cool

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im even going to be harry for hallloween <3


Love the new shop. Awesome job on the mobile vice. You have some skills man!

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I still hope to watch an Alekhine's saga: after all, it would be the best continuation after Capa's

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Home made camping stove

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lyrics: would challenge would challenge its graphics crashes by our words that some of the woman is good


"Look at these two clowns here"I swear to god I wouldn't be half as into chess if it wasn't for Jerry

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Bhai esa kuch to Nahi hota

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No one:Literally no one:Allie ball tear resistant..

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Subprograms and changing from g90 to g91 is taught pretty much straight away in your apprenticeship... would be more interesting if you used variable programming. Seems like this channel is just here to try and WOW people that dont work in this field so they can make money.No need to talk so slow... you can comfortably watch this at 1.5x speed increase.Nice video but very beginner still.

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Why do the Americans still measure things in body parts?Didn't they change to metric in the 70's?


how do you set up the board to get horde chess?