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Problem is playing it in

Problem is playing it in

How mang dwarves did you use for the intro.Againonly 19 -he would not have made that mistakea few years later-he would crush botvinnink.You explain all possibilitys very well and detailed without explaining like for 6 year olds.Planes like a teenager getting laid for the 1st time.So creative and beautiful work.

34) is no where to

34) is no where to

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Both players blundered badly with 18. Nxd6 Qxd6


How can you even commentate so smoothly on this kind of game, it blows my mind


Yes a lesson Always auto likedNot skipping adsIGN:219557191Granger lightborn skinThank you idol always love you

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Studio Ghibli makes the best piano music

Fluffy KL

The problems that we have, seem insignificant after this video. Space is beautiful !!!


Lincoln is gonna have some pretty interesting stories to tell his kids in the future

Eric Lundy

Beautiful line = disgusting engine line: To me

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