Another name for a badminton shuttle is SHUTTLECOCK.This is mad motivating for the people.Making attacks knight to g5 and pawn to c4.A unique and clever way to use wood chips to your best advantage.Haha Steve this is 5 years old brilliant keep up the good work you look so different.The problem is thats more than 20 moves.Can u show more end-game focesed examples, please?

I'm still waiting for my Square off board, but I've been testing the app.What is the song that's used at the end of this?Maldita kaayo c Bonita oi Ma ayoko nang mag aral gusto ko nang mag asawa.This is one of the few times that I got bored or distracted when this piece first appeared.Mga nagdislike hater ba?Bro, how you made the interface staff, c works on CMD, is the sfml.He's really a 35 year old man with fake ID.

There is something up

There is something up

Wow I'm improving!There's no way that 1394 player deserves that rating.Like dragon's fire.Tell me clearly how does a knight move.So glad to have a new gay commentator on this channel!I'd be more than happy!Sehr gutes Video!Anyone ever play Assassins Creed 4?Beautiful looking finish!

I am wondering why you appliedShellac before Urethane and didn't just apply the Urethane over the bare wood.Your videos are really cool man, I'm trying to watch all of them, it's a nice inspiration.Thanks for sharing.Pointwise only two pawns behind."He has an accent.Anyone can point me to the proofs.You swept away the tournament, taking first by over 60 points!Jabtak live nhi aaoge tabtak aapka dimaag khaunga.

And their wood slabs

And their wood slabs

17:00 Anyone any ideas how to complete this with 3 stars?If the squares were a little bit bigger (2.Ty soo much for these wonderful tactics.This guy is showing them how to charge more snd ripoff the customer I will never want to use ur serviceHe thing people r stupid.Seeing him build like it’s nothing makes me want to go buy some wood, get some tools and make this.MacBooks and Mac Computers are so retarded, don’t buy them please.What are they writing?

Was the best decision I ever made, 15 years later.The bishop trade was baffling, but aside from that he played a really good game.I must be Super Karpov.Sabi nila lagay sa ceenter.I tried making a few tools myself, they are not great looking but works well.13 To stop Q check at f4 the optionof N x b is not discussed.

Latvian Gambit game 4:.And the white player always beginns first.Did you ever add the shelf?Im making a predator bust myself and this project has given me alot of motivation for it.Boy you can make this in 4 moves.Is anybody watching the beginning scared because eugene has reflective glasses and that he is going to show his cards through them?When you were on the boat it looks scarey o.This guy might be the biggest douche bag I've seen on YouTube.Great videos, and many thanks again.

Heh the title is english while the money is zoty!Didnt expect it to come out how it did when the drilling started.When Moe goes to check out the bathroom and says "Tom, what was that?Fell in love with the music, animation and topic (huge science nerd), and I still love it for these reasons.I've lived in Fl my whole life (born raised, til moving to Texas a few yrs ago) it NEVER occurred to me that the ridiculously crazy shitthat happens there, didn't happen everywhere else, on the same scale!


Am I the only one bothered by the fact that at 3:48 he says C, G, D,and indeed,is shown playing C, G, D, but the actual musical notes that come out are exactly a fourth away (or fifth, depending if you go up or down) ie F, C, D?!

Connor Bennett


Harry Dodd

Only go to small amount famous ,people let’s cut it open and destroy it


I am worse than all of these players and would blunder just as much, but I still find this video hilarious. Aman's commentary is really entertaining.

mohtadi elawad

The legendary e1 check has arrived

Chasan Nova

Wouw... multipleks made in my country Indonesia

Elias Koutsogiannis

And you, my dear sir, are something like a religion. And imagine that there are viewers of your videos that are trying to spot imperfections in your creations. It's like staring without being able to see. just do me a favor. Keep doing what you do best. MAKE


what blade guard is that?