You could've gone forward, FORWARD, sideways and SIDEWAYS.Malin Petterson.Myth busters let's.Don’t lie who else went straight down to the comments( ss ).I just love how excited and enthusiastic Jerry is about Chess!

Let's go two 'half diagonals' down to B.I wanna hear him do a video without the tv voice.In things with very little stress that I want to line up easily, ill use toothpicks sometimes.:How to protect your Whatsapp from Hacking:Check mate in 2 steps:All Windows Shortcut Keys in a Single Video:All Android Versions with their Features:Make any Picture as folder icon Convert picture to ICO ICO Convert Change folder icon:.I'm pretty sure that's the most beautiful map I've ever seen.I am new to ML but know python.Wow this was so good I'm Indian so tell me what is price of this chess board please don't ignore so tell me.

2:25 to skip some of the retarded political banter and get to the good stuff!They don’t like me.Isn't Bishop worth more than a Knight?Sadly I'm watching this on my phone in a bus and I just can't hear a word Magnus is speaking.The advice to use tape on the drill bit to know when to stop is enough for me to subscribe.You have too much time on your hands.Rh2 (Rh1-h2 Bd4-f2 d5-d4Rf1-c1 d4xc3 Kd2xc3 Qf5-c8.Very good video, be nice to see each jig in use.

Hola buenas tardes,diaso noche.You are the best chess commentator, don't stop!A lot of this seems like products in search of applications.Photoshop never crashed.Granger max savage.The taper cuts on each side of the mallet looking at the wider face where not too sharp.

It should also

It should also

So my forever it comes to love.Why SO why Hikaru doesn't have own app like Magnus - Play Magnus ?Let it be know that Republic of Georgia is the birthplace of wine.50DG8 is winning.Why does every person in the comments here complain about irrelevant things?Seems to me it would be winning on the spot, but I could, of course, be mistaken!


I think drawing on western art music for inspiration into popular genres might be the way forward personally.

Clive Sumang

How are they holding up today? Do they have alot of chips and dings now due to usage?


If you want a disc with more time, get a 16" turntable running at 16 2/3 RPM. They used those for transcription discs before widespread tape use. They were used for radio shows.


I still love how Matt does the say something completely crazy and follows it up wiht I may have done that.


German Future

Arwen Perin

Wan wan ult with Carmilla

Screws n' Dado Grooves

What would be the suggestion for attaching a base to that box? You mention grooves, I assume you meant dado's or rabbets to hold it?


Shaeden: gets world recordAlso Shaeden: that wasn’t a very good run.


Anup Maharjan

What if after queen move to g7, black moved his queen to b6. It would not be draw in that case. This puzzle is never draw. You have created your own moves to make it a draw.

GD Max

Luckily I learned what an abolitionist is yesterday Friday


your method is just fine.the discussion of variations and your analysis/comments is the reason i watch.if i wanted to just see the moves played, i would load it up in an engine and go through them.


Very cool. My only concern is the process to replace the flint. It seems a bit impractical but it’s still a wonderful looking lighter


Chess world champion and still drink from a plastic bottle in 2019-2020. What a genius person.

Ron Jones

Excellent explanation.

k. c.

The 60s and 70s was a prime time for murderers... just move across the country and change your name, you’ll be good !!

Really nice work. Thanks for this creativity

Filip Molczyk

theres no 'a' on the end of porsche


I am really looking forward to seeing the Marble Machine X playing. I have watched since you put out your first Marble Machine video. Your mind is truly amazing to have conceived of all of this. I believe even Leonardo Da Vinci would be blown away.