Ben, Say Something, Sachse High School Talent Show

Very well explained!) and to help you see the problem, if you apply the same math to a light house as to the sun then you would not see the lighthouse before 100 yards.Is that your style to invite viewers to watch your video till end?Our codes match and I set the prefabs to the right objects.That’s why I just play for fun.

11:02 Madhiya vankkam, Amigo.Brady showing us why he is the doctor!Why we cannot have a userland like that?Thank you Jerry.It's that old school center of the universe way of thinking.

I must be

I must be

If your going to create reenactments, idk maybe dress like use props related to, the timeframe which the character was actually alive.Anz Rahm wie fahrad rahm.But would love to see one with wrap an a stainless steel joint an maybe even some points ( white) with a wood shaft, maybe in a blue color.Honestly this video helped me understand my Gen Chem homework better than any TA ever could.A Music list would be nice!This is what sanders ate before he got his heart attack.Wikipedia says his talent was discovered at an after school tournament at a reform congregation tournament.Paul morphy the great. The official website commentary team seems ok to me with exception of Susan Polgar with her interminable irritating minimal content drone.

I was almost waiting for some "Best in

I was almost waiting for some "Best in

That kid is a fucking wierdo, why is this shit in my recommended, he looks like a crackhead.We are all shadows and dust.I came across something similar in a second-hand store back in the 90's.Semplicemente bellissimo.These tips made me a god in chess.New meme: the equals symbol and making fun of the entire language of math for actually being lazy.Which is your favourite circular saw please reply me.Why is there a hole at the bottom of the right one?U could have tried to at least put some gameplay even from the tutorial of the games you showed.

It's like those old 'clown' 'zippos'.Hey you comparing 800$ piece of tech with a 300$ pc seriously that's not fair in case of materials to make the case since the 300$ laptops are more about hardware and specs.Why didn't the hospital ever investigate when he went in for the hernia he received from his beatings?2) You don't seem to have left yourself a guide for where you're grinding the edge, and as a result, you don't have a consistent width for your blade3) Why did you sand the handle to be sharp?Carlsen's worst defeat that comes to mind is when he tried to go for Scholar's Mate in round 1 of the 2018 World Rapid Championship.Since upload I m repeatedly watching this.Carllsen's solemnity is impressive.

Thank You for all your Hard

Thank You for all your Hard

That was an excellent end game.This doesn't seem to make sense to me.Trump entertaining because he's real and not pollyannish like a lot of the so-called talking heads on this program!If anyone could tell me it would be greatly appreciated!What didnt he go with d5 in the end?She really knows her people.Why because it works.Yeah the paint is really hit and miss but the sculpts more than make up for it.He played the "husband's gambit".

MUY BIEN PROFE 2020.Awesome, thank youmore videos please.Industrial electrician for 35 years.Why is square root allowed but a cube root isn't.Looks absolutely amazing, just too small for me personally (:.I tried this on a Dulcimer I'm building and it worked great.Valve doesnt care his game anymore.Linus: the worst thing is when people don't follow the guidelines.Nonono, that idea is incomplete!

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So basically if u piss the bed ur a serial killer


man its almost 3am here, why am i watching this


Bobby Fischer really aught to have done this move instead.. .. You say this again, and again, it detracts from what you're saying.

Albert Kelvin

My question is: 1. is there a 50% chance that Alice will ever win? because if not this is not a game. You can call it a game when everyone have a same winning chance. 2. If Bob does not move his knight in the 4x2 region, but seeking a new 4x2 region, did Alice can win?

Sheldon Hicks

Am I going crazy or is that blue green? I'm seeing green. The sharpie appears to be a light blue, but it's writing green. I'm seeing green.

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Great idea to introduce the candidates, thanks a lot, very informative.

Mike Ivy

Love gold-leaf...I wish I was talented...


he’s my favourite professional so far :)

Kstutis K

Great job very nice table

Danny Lowe

Great job the table came out super, and the aged distressed discoloration of the lumber you were lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time to get makes the whole project pop.It just blows my mind that every day all over the world people throughout great material that can be recycled repurposed and reused into landfills dumps etc.There is no reason to do so. Every year in my town when the college students go home for summer they put all kinds of furniture out to be picked up by the city for disposal. I have found all kinds of furniture this way. I have repurposed and sold at yard sales or kept myself and still have. I hate waste its uncalled for and stupid. sorry, don't mean to preach. Damn good job keep it up.

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You got a new subscriber

Stalker Stomper

I found the digressions distracting as well but ONLY because you had a habit of starting to comment on something at times, yet wouldn't finish your thought through demonstration but instead elected too many times to abruptly catch yourself mid thought by returning back to the original game moves. Just be aware that if you mention something you feel is important, either finish your thought with demonstrative details, or refrain from mentioning those ideas as much as you did without resolving your ideas. Otherwise, entertaining and insightful video.


12:02 Knight to F6?

Bruno Lahoud

Who won the game?