BENJI (PK Crew) - Crass [2015]

(Of course I have to optimise some simple stuff like floats, because they don't come with FPUs and even when you install one, it's not very fast) see you in few days.You look at a piece of wood, n you create a piece of art.Fuck him hope he’s rotting in hell.You know there is actually a game in Roblox called broken bones in which you are supposed to break as much bones as possible to earn money, I think 9:10 will get you rich.Thanks for sharing.This boy was a victim that became a man that was a predator.

Or he is also a psychopath.

Or he is also a psychopath.

Hope you didnt accidentally put the wrong link ahah.Just want to complain about the volume of your voice.To surprise us that was amazing - thanx.HiNice workWhat table saw and planer are you using?Bang buat pidio jebakkan skak mat karna saya selalu kena skak mat.Gotta appreciate the tom and jerry one.Watched another.Ben is talking bullet.

Alcohol is horrible.Only criticism is the Ko animation after every mate got a little tired.They look unpleasant aestetically, kind of primitive acording to me.Whats the point of studying the endgame if you never get there.I was expecting more like $4000.

I didn't get far.

I didn't get far.

The animation looks as though you have an equilateral triangle rotating in 3D with the Euler line is normal to the plane of the training.Your puns are awful, but I chantrell a soul.Ang magulang ay magulang ang magkapatid ay magkapatid.Aaj pata chala Game ke bare mai.Use lead shot from a supplier for reloading shotgun cartridges, or the split lead shot from a fishing tackle supplier.Numberphile Could you provide the links to the recommended viewing shown at the end of this video in such a way that mobile viewers can follow them?

That's more worse than king

That's more worse than king

There has to be an easier way.Loosens him up and he actually goes from being one of my least favorite dems on the show to my favorite.I love this brain training game nonu amazing only (Google it).Watched on mute for a while and forgot to change the speed from 1.Hi there i wish use your tecknick for primitive objects can you tell me if possible use animation not for sprite but for primitive triangle ship litle retangle bullet and asteroids rocks linestrip?

Q delicia vei, meu deus.If you forfeit now that’ll be the end of it.Danny:CROSSFIRE, YOU'LL GET CAUGHT UP IN THE CROSSFIRRRREEEE.No ingredients and energy to bake cakes in the future.Thank you again for the review part.How else are we supposed to bond?Nice combination.Christian Bauer looks like your double, I thought it was you initially!Cause Milton Bradley to do a double take and go, "Wait what?

Games like this

Games like this

It almost has the look of digital camouflage.But while I m busy figuring that it was a trap on move 6 my opponent will be busy finding mate in two.Tell me those screws being driven in don't sound like the aliens in Mars Attacks.For most things this is not a problem, but my 7 12" blades will not go through 2x material with that thickness of a plate -- it's about 18" too shallow.Today's democrats.It's amazing how you got the character of the pieces with a few simple cuts.Can we get100 like for this comment and for the video.

Lorena Zampini

Cemeteries here are nice, especially the biggest one on the mountain trees, flowers, little paths . Whenever i go, i feel peacefuland re energized when i walk out.

Wales Wideman

Put a sheet of glass over the table


You have a Brit-erican accent? It sounds like british but also american


make a video on Englund Gambit in details !

AE Shalaby

That was the last game of the tournament and vidit was half a point ahead. That was extremely silly from vidit. he could have drawn the game and won the tournament. but he just gave all this up for vanity. He wanted to win. Quite immature.


Does Robert Hess have a family member named Rudolf? Just curious...


no blood ? =/

Mary Rivinius

You arenot Americans if you left that flag on the floor. Have respect

morgan smith

I heard nothing in this video I don’t know how they heard anything come out of that box all I heard was noise no words


Fascinating and instructive analysis of world championship level chess by GM Seirawan.  TY CCSCSL for supporting these videos.

Kevin Byrne

Poor Ben.From globe-trotting GM to patient uncle trying to manage a bunch of unruly children.How the mighty have fallen.

Always ARMY

I'm literally Zach. Keep olives 1000 miles away from me please and thank

Miguel Angel

It's best to get your set from And it's not the same it's better then We games US chess I think that has there chess set's better then the most I've seen so far lookIt up go to

Keith Tam

The first one how do you make it disapear

Thomas Russell

Another beautiful job. I'd be more than proud to prepare food for my family on this board.

Jack Johnson

I love the way you play chess! "did anybody see when I lost my queen?" priceless! Keep it up!

Blue Sky

I liks it

Nichole LocStar Bennett

Jinx's shirt reminds me of Larry or Mr. Furley from Three's Company lol


Does anyone know the chess sets that were used in this tournament? I am looking to purchase one. I love the thickness of the board and the space of the squares and the size of the chess pieces.

IssaKhalifa Almakhmari

Good job

Stacie Lynch


Perver C

super vid ) thanks

Kekoa Anderson

I bought the snowball today and saw if it was the same so when they squeeze it I do and I heard the fresh crunch of snow

Enna Solano

Mi hijo est fascinado, hasta responde las preguntas!


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