Beautiful Poison Pawn Checkmate! Andy "The Annihilator" vs. Karim "The L.A. Prince"

Okay seriously if you dont get 100k subs by next week Id start questioning Youtube, Your amazing mate its me Thomas, Love your works as always.I had to watch this in slow motiob.Thanks for seeing me through these past two days stuck in this chair bronchitis.I watched theentire thing !Lots of love from India.If you had 4 enclaved countrys(a country within another country) all touching that would need 5 colours right?23:47 is straight fire.Can any piece kill the king?

I am in the last month of university and have had a serious difficulty to find the motivation.The ice cream truck video!Just multiple it all with 0.I like 8 ball pool by miniclip.Fan anti clockwise lo anduku tiragadu.

Not the deaths, or the ending.

Not the deaths, or the ending.

THE GHOST SAID MOE SARGI.WOW Hes Surprisedthat best players of all time aren't grabbing pawns.Anyone else really want someone to make a room like this irl.And then it disappeared off the face of the Earth!Johns-Does the name Jen mean anything to you?I've tried it today.The best song of the world.

How would you do that?Black still has to move Qa4 and white follows with Re4 all the same, but white won't have lost the a-pawn.This is the most cringe worthy thing that Triple C, Henry Cejudo, has ever seen.Too much respect for Carlsen made him nervous, perhaps?Wow that is great.It's looks amazing and so yummy.Thank you for sharing Love will win, fear will not - Love fear than it will never win.What did they do in the end of the game?I like how women make it a point to compliment each other during a match.There has been few giant steps made in this fascinating game, but Fischer's record is unbeatable.

Edit: ok I looked up the numbering so bishop g4 white takes g4 with bishop rook E4 queen takes E4 queen D2 check then F2 mate.The first column only allow one clone.Why the heck didn't he take the a3 knight?13:27 what happens if rook capture the pawn on f6?Like the bird who flies over the field and doesn’t care about the fences underneath.I wonder if that simple torsion box top would be good for a shop table.  Do you have plans available for that board?Joseph's, Metuchen, NJ), and my personal contribution was 4 wins and 1 draw.July the 14th: A Horror Movie!

See how easily he's beating above 2000 players and get motivated.I know he wanted 6 queens, but he could have won at 6:00 with f8-king captures-queen mates.Can anyone give me the link of this account on chess.5 million usd for e sports.Another great video!Now make it 14 of the size and women will pay 2kfor it.I would agree with some other comments to make the body thinner for quicker heating.I like your technique for sanding the faces of your cabinet.4:18 Anyone else noticing an optic illusion?Sometimes with a corner that is fighting me to get tight miters, I'll barely lift the front edge of the casing as I make the cut on the saw.

atam taki

It's interesting, perhaps.I'm skipping, can't stand this shouting voice.


Stumbling upon a professor Finkel video brings joy to my day. I wish he had his own YT channel.

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0:06 why you have a rubik’s cube collection?

Child of God

I love this! Can't wait to make one and you guys are awesome, glad I found ya.

Alan Schulz

Entertaining up until the time scramble when the entertainment screeches to a halt.


I'm only concentrate when switch off the light of refrigerator


2:52 naruto reference?

Norberto Rivera

Been looking for something just like this. Already picked it up. Thanks!

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9:12 Wrong move white ( pawn


Is that MDF?

Harshit dave


Dick Macgurn

Bold AF! Could MC lose to FC in London? Not if he plays like this!


Isn't at 7:38, Kh8 just followed by Kf7 discovered checkmate?


Who builds a place that's front looks like the tailgate of a station wagon? And who pronounces "giant" like "gee-unt" (7:05)? And the letter "H" is pronounced "age" not "hage"!


We all knew joe from pump it up, got lured into the allure of rocafella royalty mal Rory was the least interesting but man he came a long way. Metallica when Napster came out. He poddin now

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Once you get a bed of coals in the bottom of the stove the thumb size sticks will burn right.Also it doesnt hurt to build it another row or two higher for less bending over to cook and it will likely draw better too. Nice video.

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You here that voice I crap my pants and my chest hurt to I’m scared no cap started crying time stamp 7:50 maybe when he came up the stairs I’m shaking

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The million dollar question...Are we going to have the Fischer-Spassky?I reeeeeeeeally hope you can share your analysis for that war.

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Aww, he is lying that is in no way titanium... the CNC doesn't cry out in agonyThat is my experience with that stuff

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Great music selection

Mariofan 101



This all are below average. I quite at the advertisement for facebook spying now on your room. WTF

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Bagai mn klo putih kotbankan kuda

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Dude, I love your work but the second definition of Expection in terms of sum of probabilities appears in ANYundergrad level book on probability/statistics.

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That ring he have on possessing moe

Terry Allen

Would like to see a game between them without a speed clock, I reckon it would be close.

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"This is meat. What the hell do you think it is!?"Me: did... did you rip that ribcage out of a dinosaur?

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BYASLAG wrong pronunciation. Buaslag? more like Biyaslag


thumbs up satellite