Battle vs Chess - Multiplayer (Double) #6

That's because we know who is Karpov and never heard about the second guy.I'm a karate master, I can chop that board in half, jk.I m too early to know who won.

This was awesome!Thank you so much.I also make some inlay with my CNC, you can find video on my channel.When she asked if a real person stays in the house, it sounds like maybe at 34:34.12:41 why not pawn h7?Olga was the running gag in Vlastimils TV-shows and attracted a lot of viewers.

I don't understand but acha laga

I don't understand but acha laga

The calculation doesn’t happen.Here are the possible outcomes.Finals na ng chess game sa school namin at ang mananalo ang ipanlalaban ng school.We not, you got killed.Every move both sides made from 6:00 to 7:00 make no sense at all.Now that you have had both the Centaur and Smart Board for a while, which one do you prefer to play against?Does it just mean the clock is running low?

But what if one of the hyper

But what if one of the hyper

We will be flung into space.These trainings are great (I’m in Europe, but think it’s the same in the US).It was indeed intended for Voldemort to have a nose here.Please post simple recipe for cake.One of the best printers money can buy.Hey that could also be used for a helmet in the wood chuck wars.Thank you for making and sharing this beautiful math!

Congratulations, thanks for the video.

Congratulations, thanks for the video.

Minimum vertex covering is np complete problem.I watched your older video on bent wood lamination and have been using it since then.I’m like 2 years late can I still enter.For not having a (professional) paint booth you have found out with Hard Work anything can turn out to be a Good Job.More projects for JoRitz coz they truly deserve it.Duuuude that ring worth money is from a secrete G Stan for government and 3 potical president that from Illuminati that worth ship satan to keep secretes from use like always.I started with white and play e4,Carlsen:- that's dumbI lose.

I have made his i not that easy too make it time to ready i have broken 5chalk to make this his his really hard.Very stupid as if they don't know how a chess board should be!Slaps PC "This baby can fit so many Chrome tabs!Re the last example.Obviously, he wasn't prepared for that variation at all.My great great grandmother was murdered at age 13 at 2:39 AM.Ngl thought you was a woman at first.OMG JAMES IS WEARING TRY GUYS UNDERWEAR.

Great butt with great performance.Someone help me (I realize I watching this at a later date) at 1:57:08 why do you not move the black pawn from b7 to b5?Something with the dog!Dear Agadmator:12:33 Why would White play e4-e5 when e4xd5 clearly wins?15 minutes should be a whole game for me not for a single move.Using Calculus, find the limit of the sum which converges into a value.This is what attrition looks like.Everybody don't treated your mother like that.Working in your pyjama bottoms lol.

Dragan Dragani


Interstellar Overdrive

We want an episode were everyone's the mole but no one knows

Renaldi Chanel

Ngak jelas


Thanks for the compliment. Glad to have helped your game. =)

Craig Reichert

Wow.Just wow.

Andy Tromans

Mind numbing Domino work! Well done for sticking with it -)


How about Queen g4 1:01:45 ?

Nerdy Cat

Wait so she killed Phillip?




11:10 - as someone from the UK, I am in utter disbelief

J Brady

"I either understand or overstand."

Rahul Rs

OJ said he is better than you


Caruana has to push for a win soon, he will be eaten alive by carlsen if they play rapid

John Pangarakis

When I die I want to be buried under a tree, so I may give back to the planet

Ted Style

hundreds of hours over 3 years to make a table that looks like a cutting board? this is why no one recycles pallet wood.

Marlon Santana

How do you move the white King?

Alastair Gray

That was awesome!! :-)

Kez C

I wouldn't drink the Ganges river (not sure that's the right spelling) it's very dirty but I would put my feet in it is sacred after all. I'm a contradiction aren't i

Khang Nguyn

3:07 en i Tgf5 th sao anh ?

Gabriel K

9 minuets of a chicks thighs, mmmmmm tasty

Saiprasad Duduka

Best way to show a game. Other channels should adopt this

Joshua Legault

Its hard to stress the being careful about chip build up at the top of a hole in stainless enough. I've always wanted to program a macro similar to g83 but for stainless. With smaller machines without the hp the chips get stringy and if the rapid is at 100% you can run into problems with chips at the top of the hole while reentering the material.The only way to fix that is to put rapid at 25% or program a subprogram.

Alex C

i just got a lathe

Laxmi Satya

Annaya na Peru hemanth Nadi 2ND level 3 Vara colours vastunavi alantapudu Ami ?

Keith Watkins

2:20 if the polygons go all the way up to a circle, why cannot the platonic solids start at a sphere, as in, the sphere is as an origin in terms of axis, a zero in terms of quaternion,or a point in terms of dimension. Another thought, time exists as a dimension along width, length, and depth. Relative to each dimension, do the other dimensions reiterate?Length 1, width a, depth b, width 1, depth a, length b, depth 1, length a, width bLength 2, width a, depth b, width 2, depth a, length b, depth 2, length a, width bLength 3, width a, depth b, width 3, depth a, width b, depth 3, length a, width b


4:32 why didnt hikaru take the pawn? :thinking: