Battle chess game of the kings:(Glories battle) srilanka chess academy\best in the world

"We're already at four queens!Melhores vdeos, te amo.I actuallt figured it out as soon as u said they can pass.

Kakaiyak - :( sana maging mabait lahat ng tao.Why would this matter?Thank you so much for this!(I can't believe 3D acrylic lamps from China on eBay have tripled in price in the past couple of years.I really love the Bruce LeeKarate Kid imitation there at the start.I'm I the only one that can't watch some videos?They often get released after surging a length of time.

4 cm diameter (with a lighting power over 50m) from a distance of 1.Am I mising something at 15:15?You can save a bit of money by using tin (condensation) cure silicone rather than platinum (addition) cure if you're not too fussed about having a long library life.3:00 white bishop checks the king, what prevents black from just taking the bishop with his king lol?I'm building a computer desk soon and was looking at what I could use to give the black walnut a nice finish without changing the color of it.9:18 Nakamura just picked up a pawn for no reason, thats not a legal move.

Do you not use normal chook eggs?7:43 Sip of water.No wonder Americans are so fat.First variation:Rd3 kc8Rc3 if King go back in to d8Then Qc7 is check mate.When he says hardwood, I take he is just talking about wood that is hard, and not ACTUAL hardwood.Khadhu anni colors neeku unnati naku ravatam ledhu I mean first layer laal colours kalavadam ledhu.

Panibagong lesson nanaman salamat master.I wanna go there Like if you wanna go to.I am a below 400 at the moment and one thing that confuses and aggravates me is no masters have iterated why pinning knights at the opening is anyhow a good idea.Science with no proof lol!This is the place where hope is born.10:11 wouldn't the bishop on e2 grab that knight on h5?

He has smoothed

He has smoothed

1:45 or 1:46 how could one wood plank can make two sticks?This is a modern day artist honing perfection.Moe you should do a vid where we can only hear what you guys hear.Gambit doe not work if you do this.Typical stockfish.

Will you please

Will you please

Just hurl your rabbits and and wolf across it.SUGGESTION there is a game played in Helsinki 1967 between Koskisen and Kasanen.This way the queen will be put in its square color if white the queen is put on a white square and same goes to black!Definitely not a Utah thing.When i was a lad my auntie told me that faint heart ne'er won fair lady.Row four is quite easy if you just work backwards.I can solve rubiks cube much faster and better than you.

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Damn we have a lot of grandmasters in this comment section...

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Are those real lasers if they are dats crazy!

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Amazingly explained crystal clear concepts thank u so much

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"Why you always get hurt" LOL

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Could u make a stamina bar tutorial and Exp bar?

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Why can black not play Queen captures E8 at 9:40?


34:19 Twork reachin for that chain like a nigga who girl just unlocked his phone

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According to Lichess Carlsen won $2250.00 not the amount Antonio said, if you can figure out what he said....

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nice ty

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Wow. How very educational! Beautiful!

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You Can give d4

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What is the name of this gaMe??

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No true genius or leader of the pack should be a show off. It impacts negatively on them alone


Grigory Serper is an Uzbek, not an American, right?

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what a beautiful door bravo

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When was the World Champion before MC with such a luxuriant beard?