Battle Chess: Game of Kings™ (HD) PC Gameplay

Fantastic music.Can you try AOE burst damage test?Are you British?

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Ole EinaR BjRndalen, not Ole Eina Bjndalen.

Ole EinaR BjRndalen, not Ole Eina Bjndalen.

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Many thanks for taking the

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Trump gambit Is

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Crazy Otaku


Hans Weichselbaum

I find it amazing that a small nation of just 360,000 people can produce such talent. Thank you for uploading!

the dreamer bakoure


abhijeet sagar

So beautiful.

Dasoju Ramu


Well, I can make Java say "Hello World"

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Jordan woodworking and diy

Awesome video

Bougie Gemini B

How TF do you forget your child?? I never understood that I'm 25yrs old, work full-time 40hrs but I'd never forget my one yr old sick ass people

I'm on the outside looking in

I love math


1:32 q takes c3 is possible because there is still the queen pin


Well, he does that.. but not on straight on, classic book moves (that he has probably seen a thousand times)..

fenix gaming

1:52 Kid:plays fast like flashCpu:ffff

Kulkid Spin

maaan !you're on fire ! feels bad missing your streams