Battlechess Game of Kings BR Part 2 FHD#

You'll need a small sledge,big pry bar, claw hammer and a small pry bar.Will AlphaZero substitute Stockfish in chess tournaments?Ugly twat sort your nose out.

Really great jig, I'll be making one soon!30:04 You could have trapped the rock with g3!Don't forget to show us how to make thin boards, thanks.Are you interested in sponsorship?3:48:55 is agadmator starting to glitch?

Rodgers of chess.For the sword name it.AS A BOXING FAN I APPRECIATE A WOMAN THAT KNOWS A THING OR TWO ABOUT BOXING!Very instructive.What an obnoxious cheating CUNT.This game reminded me of Nimzowitch's "Zugswang" masterpiece.Hay qu ko chi vi boss ri ng ln.I'm not really good at understanding chess but would white moving his pawn to h6 while black's rook is on e2 be a good move?Cheers from down South.

That’s THE anthem.

That’s THE anthem.

HI PLS TRY TO MAKE UR VIDEO ABIT FASTER.Lets hope they will become working museum pieces one day.Alireza getting masterclass from the chess Gods.GM Muarice is playing black.Awesome video, would love to see a functioning mini late engine.Shouldn't be hard to make for us mere humans and might make a fun video.Before then we polished with our ankles!

Don't give Tal a

Don't give Tal a

This video was soo much more entertaining than thatmovie starring Colin Farrel which was based onAleaxnder himself.When you say blended with men and orcs what do you mean I still don’t know how uruks are made.No, turps and white spirits are different.Cogent and direct analysis.Myverse is fucking bad!Still it ended up looking pretty.Only wear black.Pozdrav iz Slovenije.No one in the modern chess play like tall.Is it because it's hand-held?

Eric Taylor

9:45 Indeed. just ask this guy.

cartoons and stuff

Finally!someone who has good music in their vid, and actually gives you easy access to it!This man really thinks of his viewers!:)

Hunter Wilbanks

One of the most mind blowing things I’ve ever learn in math is that there are infinitely more transcendental numbers than algebraic numbers....

Logan Stewart

33:00 everyone else: AETHERPIFAN100:

Charlie Keegan

Zach is a whole mood

Lee Lemoine

Been in IT related fields my whole life -- picked up a few things! Thanks for sharing


It might be coincidence, but ever since I started watching your videos on AlphaZero my chess has apparently improved significantly. It's like you know what you're talking about or something.

Nyxxon Music

your voice is fucking awesome to listen to start a podcast already

Laura Mac Lean Gray

...... . .Hot. . .... ....... ....... Alberta Works Canada... xo...

Butch Mcbride

Reading many of the comments I have to wonder what happened to the if you don't have something good to say then maybe don't say anything at all.I wish I had the resources to do thisGood job.Finally in business shouldn't you sell for what the market will bear.if someone is willing to pay 300.00 that's great


I saw c8 to a6 on the last chess problem, but then blocks with bishop. My blunder :)

Rodrigo Piva

Que isso, o cara joga muito!

Al Furtado Rebel Turner

Jimmy not only are you a great wood turner and with a very artistic eye you also have an amazing sense of humorBeautiful workmanship and styleAlbert

qun ng

2 game easy nh

Deyan Prodanov

Alluminium motor?

MR anonymous

Superb. You should also add regular clamps like they have in chop saw and add a protractor as well.


nice build brad



Facundo Aguero

8:24 Nice

Joshthe CapGuy

During the fast forward segments, it sounded like starfox