Battle Chess: Game of Kings PC Eng 10

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A product of love worth more than

A product of love worth more than

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Except for one,

Except for one,

Keep up man and hope you are doing well.Stockfish 9 Gives black -0.Congratulations for ur bright future.This Video is a direct attempt to lure our love to Karpov but give me that Morphy head regardless.Fantastic as always, Stefan!You are an amazing player of chess thx for this video and thx for taking the time to teach us the game of chess Magnus.

French wing gambit.I like your videos because you show us a very nice critical moments in the game, it is very interesting try to solve it by my self, you shoul make a video with a lot of this critical moments, like a training video for us.Which always massively excites me.This video is amazing!Thanks for sharing.

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Parallel Burrito

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Brett Sitte

Looks like some oak with an ebony/dark walnut stain. Looking good.

Rob B

Mr. Nakamura, let's make a youtube series where you take me (pretty horrible chess player) and teach him the basics of chess and at the end I compete in a local tournament! That would both be entertaining and educational for new players! Let's do it!

Dennis Holm

Thank you for doing this, Agadmator. Much appreciated

Ben G

Down two pieces and you don't resign? Poor sportsmanship.

Chuck Norris

Hahah I love the Indian accent. It fits so well into chess videos and it is also pretty entertaining :P

Liberate Sweden

13:35 why does white not take black bishup?

Joseph Collins

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Richard R

When checking surface texture like you were after that surfacing pass at 9:53, put a plastic grocery bag over your finger and then check. Any irregularities will be made much more apparent. Learned that from a car detailer, and applied it to my manufacturing tech classes. It works.

david nichols

Spare me the politically correct "C.E." and use the proper abbreviation "A.D.".

nirmal kumar gurung

I watch this at least once a week just to hear him say 'I kill dem'.. man this guy is one sick bastard, n I think by now he must be dead meat.. there's always someone ready to kill dem, I mean kill hem..

Iqbal Md Nor

Haha awesome!


I'm 33 years old, never played chess. Now in my "mid 30s" I'm starting to shift interest towards chess . I'm little overwhelmed by all those openings and moves to remember. But I will watch your basics videos for sure!

Gudiya Awasthi

Aur video banoo


nice one!