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So you must always be aware of your surroundings.I could made it out of a empty shoe box sound the same to me.What happened in this game?Sir, i have some questions to you.So thats 13 x 23. I cant show the wife this video, she will wonder why I need that $150 tool when I have a few old chisels laying around.

The idea is ok, but: Drill on wrong side, that is why it turns wrong way and you cant use a toolrest,.Uooyyonvgh mo m.I am inspired to make myself a mallet like this.Can I order one.

Nh ti phn mm g vy.Eating too many mini eggs and 2.Was not breaking your pawn structure really worth leaving such a dangerous pawn there when he could have taken it for free?We are no match for them!What do you do with all these small projects you do?Also, what would a 4D printer look like?

Proof of this John snow in 1813 had to invent epidemiology to prove that cholera was caused by contaminated water.Night-King96 is alphaZero at intermediate level (jokes apart) i'm really excited to see how World Champion Magnus Carlsen does against Worlds deadly Chess engine of all time alphazero.So far, only Karjakin or Ivanchuk can give hard time to that ugly Norwegian ))).Is his name fucker.B6 to f6G7 to f6F5 to e7Easy.What about all 4's.For me personally,I watch the videos for entertainment purposes, it's relaxing.Now I will play.

I watched the whole video,this is useful stuff to me as an artist!That kid is annoying.Everyone is talking about the dbz reference.Nice, a treat to be able to watch everything.6:32 "White is giving up a pawn with this move" Black.This game will not happen if the player is good.

D3 check with rook for white.

D3 check with rook for white.

And has no "life".9:32My local mattress store isn't especially sweaty, even on Memorial Day weekend.3:56 agar white queen G4 and then G7 jaati hai to C mate ho jaata.Instructions were unclear I built a car.But didnt you blunder your knight at 3:07?WHY CREATING CANVAS IN THE HEAD TAG!I think he will take the World Championship title from Anand next year.Him- I cut it open and found.What the hell is that room at the end O-0No but srsly someone pls explain.I knew that they existed, but actual physical models seem to be pretty scarce.

Never put it under yer bed because it will make sound and you can't sleep.But please loose the music.I can make it up in 5 attempts.Check us out and subscribe now!Thank you for your no nonsense approach to teaching.

Orrr nobody gives a fuck about a

Orrr nobody gives a fuck about a

That dogleg scoopchisel (whatever it's called) is very impressive-- sure it wasn't cheap." Eric Rosen, 2019.Geting new phone tho XD IDC about my phone if it means being a true sargent love the vids moe ya ma fave youtuber Xxxxxx.Why is there an american spirit box near bobby?You never do "those" kinds of things.Hi code monkey I'm really new to this.The girl could have won but move the king in the wrong spot.

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your my favorite actorby Glenn

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I lovve chess my rATING IS 1356

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the water looks 3d

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Further, in Australia I don't ever recall anyone's family I knew renting, they were all bought outright.Maybe it was just the demographic I grew up in, but I don't think rental was popular.Re porn, quite early on the industry saw that VHS would be the winner and, before Sony the like took over the porn industry (they don't advertise this), companies producing the content chose VHS.My friends I researched this quite studiously from about 1983-85, before purchase was cheap.

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1/0 is 0. 1/0.0000000000001 is nearly Inf., 1/-0.0000000000001 is nearly -Inf., it has to wrap around

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Fake! I don't hear the table saw at 3:35.But seriously: very nice video. Thanks for the tips.

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Bring this Vsauce back


The feeling of a GM toward a 4 players chess game, seems to be pretty close to the feeling of a regular player toward a regular chess game...

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Mate, that is absolutely beautiful.