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If Hillary became president.The tools he is using were most likely paid off after his first couple wallets.Yeah, it's a board game.Some people seem to have an issue with the idea that A already knows that B has 6 or 8 trees, so clearly at most 18.This can't possibly have been a sound queen sac!

A vaccum line attached to most might help

A vaccum line attached to most might help

5) Less people means more power for Elites the 1% can get away with more crimes.The real question is:Why do all comments start like this.One mistake of opponent make you Winner.The belt sander will took away the perfectly flat surface you worked so hard to have and gave it all sorts of imperfections.I think we should give more credits to Navara’that guy who makes you regret when you don’t accept his draw offer’’.0:34 "Alekain" lmfao.This has given me inspiration.- THIS GEM TECHNOLOGY IS SIMPLE LOGIC, THAT EVIL FORCES ARE HIDING.Carlsen aka "duhwinning" has 2800 33 games (30-1-2) 5 minutes.

What is written in that computer?

What is written in that computer?

00:42 Vachier-Lagrave plays this line often.What a fugly kid.Kami mga apo nkabanty minsan s knya.I guess it's hard to grasp.I think I am starting to see why most child murderers are women.Praise the Lawd!Which mouse he using?A other great video.Beautiful table man.I also had a R4513 which had the same problem.

Great job as

Great job as

Looked like shite.Choi c vua qua d.This unbelievably helpful person saved hundreds of people 7 minutes of their life.Mahalo and Aloha.Okay so I think I just shit myself!

When adding two numbers in binary:".So if old commie Bernie gets elected, then i will give everything i own to charity and live off the government, just like old commie Bernie's career.Hey if you watch this video up to the point where Ali went to the well about 15 min one of Ali eyes was switching from black to brown check it out.I swear to god, 18:46 I said rh4 out loud n the timing couldn’t be more perfect.I died of laughter.Game starts at 8:20.Talo na yung Isa dapat jan kapag isa na yung natitira automatic na panalo na yung bata.

I think that he has already developed a style of kibitzing.Shaun, sorry for asking, do you share your design ideas.Gravi ka tlagah idol erick ur the only king of themesong.It's simple, that every person can keep mirror back at the head before lining up,so they can answer looking into the mirror in front persons back head.King can't capture the other King or Queen.Just had to get the racist part of everything involved!

Mustard On My Shirt

that shed built better than some houses i know lol


Glenn Cooper

I'm I the only one that can't watch some videos? The advertisement won't finish playing so the videos won't start. Not just this channel


You sir are an artist. Your skill is matched only by your modesty.

Koning Bolo

"I' ll do something else instead" is Torvalds speak for "FUCK THIS SHIT !!!"


i dont talk about chess, do us a favor and dont talk about poker

Lemuel Huynh

Shit, I see you got that adjustable table right there. I got one too

glaid jounatah


Python ology

As a programmer i couldn't code without linux

Lindsey Fiesta

Eugenes one weakness: affection

Nofan Felani

1:29:15 nice reaction there

Phil Gallagher

While it is clear that '45s' don't touch when stacked, is there not a problem with the discs slipping? Certainly, in the 70s and 80s that was a problem. The more discs stacked, the more the slipping was evident.

Galfand Berger, LLP

What qualifies for workers comp