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By the way,love the publication of Wood Magazine been reading it for probably 20 years.Name your bow the Buzzer!Would love to see you play in a couple of these.Happy Christmas for ALL Woodworker !My math might not be completely applicable, but the answer is a 100%.This is such a happy song.I learn something in every video.

What if we came to earth as alien colonizers ?I UNDERSTAND THREADING NOW.I understand complex waves and analysis for purposes of signal propagation.If u use your Tongue at the start point of battery u came to know without testing ha ha ha.It guess it would be a good tactic as well because white has to move bishop twice and get out of the pin?14:20 to 14:30 when James walks down the stairs there seems to be a dark figure standing below the first flight of stairs behind the stair railing at 14:24 exactly slow down to 0.

I really want one!

I really want one!

I swear this character reminds me of carmilla from Kimono michi.The boy would have been Alexander's only child born during his lifetime, Cassander murdered Heracles.This, nowadays, looks unnecessary.Omg this is terrible wtf.James Cameron would be proud :).Very well explained.What's that song in the background called?

Pretty good but agadmator is superior.But Whites missed mate in 1 (10:44).Just saying cause I remember having this kind of imagination when I was teenager.Here on Jan 29 2020 :) i am an excellent subscriber.If the kings are on the same file and same coloured squares there will always be an odd number of squares between them.So can someone model a proper Chessaract to 3D print?I have played that exact game myself on others before, How can he be a grandmaster, and not know this sequence of moves?Has anyone done it yet?-If n1 ended in 6, it may work for n2.8:19 triggered my trypophobia.

Finally Carlson's attack ends up like most of mine running out of ammo.You're a genius!How do I get a board from you?Great job Vasiliy.What if after dxc, Bc4?Dami kong iyak at luha dito.In the last game, After Qb5 you play the deciding moving Qb7.This guy seriously never had a chance.Can you please upload more endgames?AgadmatorAt 28:52 White move Maybe like bishop c4 the light squared bishop needs to guard the g5 square bec if black king move there in a couple moves checkmateBlack movewill be nf4 that's checkWhite can move king h7 but h pawn will fall so only move king h6 Black moves bg5 which is check White moves king h7 and loses the h5 pawn which black definitely win with a knight and bishop while white only has a king bishop ajd a pawn.

I might take your idea and run with it to suit my job.I've watched Bens videos alot.Good job love to see you at work DAVID my father was a fitter and turner.Thank you very much!Aka throwing a hacky sack into the air only to catch it forever aloneaka depressionI love the unskippable ADs after unskippable ads.Hikaru is an amazing (speed) chess player.

Take care coz we care Duncan Rebecca.TheGuardians of the Deepness gave me goosebumps all over.Is quite annoying!Just tried this today.No one's talking about her fake English accent.

White can push his

White can push his

But, if a task become reallly annoying because you do it often and you don't have tool X.That'd be bad ass to make a box that holds knifes to use on the cutting board.Flat Earth people : The whole earth globe.Helped me not to develop bad cutting practices, like so many do with a Table Saw, simply because it's the only tool they think can do everything and they see others making the same dangerous cuts on YouTube with theirs.Oh god Alan made a Headcrab.


No im in Pennsylvania and they do it SO MUCH



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Yes do it at night

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I cant even front thats pretty cool

Alex Sorenson

I’m about to have an excellent Christmas d4 indeed

Matheus Penteado

In 1874, you had to play the coolest move and beat your opponent in 2018, you have to play as boring as possible and draw every game.


I really loved this video because it is the first one i actually fully understand lol

Venkat Babu

Concave mirror concept. Squaring sum expand.

evandro amaral

Lixo kkk tanta pose p nada


What wood is made of? The round stikers are to cover the neodymium magnets, in that case I guess they will come in dark chocolate and cream? It seems to me that it would not have to be worth more than US $ 300 , but not much less.

Forrest Man

What if he blocks with the rook

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Galing ni long pala, idol

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1:39 Never play F6! hahahaha

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Your presentation is good, camera filming good and no waisted down time...well organized

my will

Good explanation brother..ButFor Binary system the base is 2 kadha kani meru 10 Ani annaru.. clarity esthara Anna

- Mitch

Christ -- there are so many clamps in-frame at one point, my teeth started to hurt. It was like a subconscious reminder of the palate expander I had as a kid before I got braces. This was awesome -- gonna have to go get some aspirin.


You need to be really good at math you lost me right there

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Do you have a dog?Is it a slabrador?

Terminator T-800

He lucky I did not play him

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nice very beautiful.

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Where are the plans so I can build one? Thanks

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