Auto Chess Mobile: Is a Full Bench the Best Strategy!? Bishop-9 Gameplay Guide

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What word term was used during 13:46 - 13:48?I keep watching these videos not only to learn but to see if one day you will get a set of tightening levers for your chuck.It turned out great.I hope it’s not to hide all the imperfections LOL.It would be very interesting if they faced each other at the World Chess championship.

Jonathan Torres.

Jonathan Torres.

Buenos das mster, un gran trabajo y una hermosa terminacin.I'm not sure if Short is a legend.Peter AtkinSheffield.I really want to get this set, but Christmas is closing in, so I need to give someone else that chance.Likewise, a pawn endgame where the pawns are all on one side of the board favors the side with Knight.That is the ultimate deadline.Tal is great I'd let him fuck my tpe platinum silicone sex doll.I've fallen behind on my TV show backlog because I cant stop watching Eric play on lichess or do lectures.

It would lose

It would lose

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Who was at fridge.Thx a lot, but I think its a little hard to catch up with your speech speed.Does somebody know the name of the set of pieces they used in this match?I have home and usr on my 2nd drive.Thanks for the video and i will put this to good use.And very nice build.I used to analyse Kramnik's games as a kid with my grandfather.Thank you jerry (o: you are the best D.

In 19:22 I think I might have a winning idea for black.You are an absolute genius!Panic is a tool of big government take over.They don't have a life probably no friends.The passive knight on b1 will have to remain there in order to prevent bxa3!Great job that is really cool!

Mustafa Aziz

good job


what you could have done when you forgot to turn on the mic, would be to zoom in on the video, effectively cropping your head making it seem the audio was from the footage

Busta Rogers

Is this the same guy that Ben Finegold played and Simon Williams got real butthurt over Ben giving him a bit of banter?.

North jersey Kev

Nice, what do you charge for that? Well done


Somebody is watching you at 46:21 :D

Vinod Talwar




Jon Cooper

New rule: 1st cough is looked down upon. 2nd cough you leave and don’t come back.

paul aurand

Is that imbuia?a south Brazilian Walnut? i made a chess set from that and maple.

Dhrishta Dhyumnan

Ga mathi mathi

Iky kiran Koutilya

antha ok kani koncham late chupinchav

Gilbert Martinez

I've missed you, Robbie Baby!! I can still smell the scent of your balls in my face. Love to love you!!!

vaibhav kumar

at least don't call it katana, people have actually forged a katana out of scrap. not this crap. at best it is a sword.

evo eve evo

Is the logician a jigsaw

Angela Datcher

I mean Damn?!.. Not an excuse but he didn't have a chance... Like NONE! Sheesh


Hi Jerry, many thanks for this. It was, as you hoped, very instructive, at least for me.

David Snow

Just a few seconds in and yeah, it's very inspiring.

Torin Derrico

I wonder why every product with magnets are for ages 14 plus

matt reeves

You did not give us a chance to solve it. I am disappointed, bet you I could have found it by accident.I make those plays enough to have confidence.

The Sleep Tights

I had a chess coach similar to this guy. He always shushed me and said "no talking". Funny thing is... I was an adult, lol. He was a real jerk...

Ansh Cool

yup only for dumb people

Malvegil357 Me

So if Black had played 41... a5, how does Black win if White replies with 42. a3 ?



Anthony D'Souza