OAK, ASH, YEW, MAPLE.I am rooting for Fabi myself.Boy, this guy’s really mastered the Kubrick stare!Y’all said Wednesday lol.

O vdeo no tem nem um minuto e l vem propaganda.You may want give thought to some kind of a power feed such as a simple drum winding up a cord.Gw muter video berkali kali.I get the chills every damn time.10:07 Magnus : THanK YoU veRy MucH It's beEn a pLeASurE.That is brilliant if the zombie's attack I'm jumping on a plane to the USA and coming to live with you two,.James, love your videos but pleeeeze stop the music,.Gutfor him, althought he isnt do gut in this ongoing tourney.

I hope this becomes a series!

I hope this becomes a series!

Please, don't commit the same mistake, do not mix the history of Russ and Russia.I thought he had something prepared to justify these moves, but nothing appeared other than an awful end game.In your every video there is somebody who does a blunder.Hey please stream Scrabble!Fisher didn't even write that book.Ppl was eating noodles in the hood because they’re on a budget and trying to make they money stretch but that process stuff is trash.Yall ain't reporting that tho.Is this any good?Imiss these kind of videos.:) Great video, and appreciate the book recommendation!

1:18 Black is actually a pawn down.

1:18 Black is actually a pawn down.

That is my best guess, and you actually said it later.Kh nh nhng rt hay.Why isnt carlsen worried about people cheating with chess engines.But with the dark bishop unopposed attacking c8 that's just not possible.Dormira abrazado a ese jarrn.For perfect no overlap cutting the tooth flat portion needs to be equal to the effective pitch of your linear actuating device, if you're using one.Legend is back !

At 5:53 - you could take white bishop at d7 with black bishop from e6 rather than black queen at e7 and retain your defender of the pawn c5 -.Ign:Unknown WarriorId:450723265(3968)Astrocat kimmy.After 4 days, the probability of any particular seed not having sprouted is ((12)4) or (116) and the probability that any one of the six seeds has not sprouted is (6 x (116)) or 38 which is less than 50% probability, so it is "expected" that all seeds have sprouted since the probability must be rounded to an integer value and values of less than (12) are rounded down to zero.Because Carlsen played 31.Because the Black King has no save squares, some of them are taken by the White King and theWhiteCastelldefends all the squares from A7 to H7.The man is really foool.Watch a youtube video on scissor sharpening maybe.Keep up the great work.If so, will that matter much?You have acalm way to teach people.

You’re the best at talking about sponsors, and

You’re the best at talking about sponsors, and

9:02 don’t touch it.Sounds like a scholars mate with extra steps.Stop it at 7:34.Dann noch die unsauberen Eruptionen.I would totally buy that straight up!I love you, your videos, and your jokes.Suggestionhi Agad, here's how to pronounce Cote d'Ivoire IPA(key): kt divw (UK).My problem was once you make your first cut at 6o degree how do you know how far to set your fence to make each piece?

Public class CodeFromWisArbeit public static void main(String args) int n-1int res0while(true) n-n resn System.Lopez had developed titties.  How did you sand each side flat when the insert is raised on both sides?Mna neojebeschuj.Out of curiosity, what does a Battle Chess stalemate look like?Possibly criminal, depending on how old Mark was.3:28 Thanks for reminding me how the views on my videos are basically nothing.You might want to put other data as air humidity and temperature in there as well.I hate people who use their unsuspecting cover to kill.This is so awesome!

I started to hate the brown colour3:53 ?They play like Carlsen, very positional and bored.Your Finegold compilations may be my favorite chess videos on YouTube.Hehe i was lookingfor nice chess videos.I had never seen a game played before where both players were commentating on their moves.He is winning the working people!How would it know her moves and make her suggestions to better moves.I thought it was an awesome video.

JaShawn Price

Check out "When the Bag Hit" or not. Thanks either way if you read.

Omonike Efunyale

That young man Romeo, loves and respects his father, Master P.


Can someone explain to me how they're moving so fast in that game that ended around 13:00??? Like I get they can pre-move and all but geeeez it's still insanely fast. Are they on computer or tablets using both hands or what?

Gimme Shelter

No 2 oboists sound the same and there are definitely differences in the sounds of different manufactured Oboes - this is a very sweet sound and one of the nicest I have heard from an oboe/oboist (yep, I'm aware there is also the D'Amore movements here too)


I guess "Imthebest" 1-9 where already taken... His sportsmanship matches the name.Anyways, you mentioned a line where Ne5 Nxe5 Bxe5 f4 as something you wanted to avoid (white didn't go for it anyways) but you do have Bxf4! there, where upon Qxf4 Rxe2 and though there is some pressure on your King it should just be a clear pawn. As always good game and thanks for the upload!

Ian Iguana

This comment was added before I finished the video, but I guess 16,406

Tokaji Leo

i did not know there is a biggest prime number.

samer saad

love the series already

The jupiter

A Russian grandmaster once described Tal playing badly in a game over the phone how do you know he’s playing badly ? was the question Simple, came his reply, because he’s a piece UP!! and not as usual a piece DOWN!

Manoj Bala

When tal thinks 3 extra pawn is not enough for botvinniks piece, shows how good Bottvinnik was. And this is tals thought process as a great attacker himself. My most favourite game, not because tal won, but because he was so beautifully humble.

Arnav Ketineni

I found it!!!

Ted Wasserman

No question this was not boat repair ,West system technique but it will probably last for years and no one will know the difference.I would have had the door dipped and stripped andused my boat building skills, but that is because I am my own customer and retired. The average person should buy a new door ,unless they are myneighbors , for whom I would gladly do a restoration at no charge..


The name of this channel makes me laugh

Admirim Ismaili

Like who knew the evans gambit bait was gonna happen.