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Your only major country in the world still using bloody feet and inches ?Still a fun watch, and a great job done by Ferpy.Im watching a dude play chess, what am I doing with myself.plss can you cover how to think in the best move in chess.'' x20 i guess saying it that much it really hurt your ego.The chesspieces are somewhat oversized, disproportional to the chessboard.

You won't stand a chance.But, did anyone else develop a headache that gradually got worse and worse with every time this dude made that lip smack noise.Sugestion could you please analyze a game where Magnus (as world champion) decline a draw and lost it.Kasihan Pohonya disiksa untuk.What advantages are you finding with the taper cut inlays?

Just put the cabbage on the wolf's head so the goat won't eat it.I just realize that indian scientist discovered 0 this is the first thing I heard that india discovered before greeks.The girl in yellow touched rook and moved bishop that is illegal in chess.Agadmator, please do videos that help people with their game.You really need a girlfriend.Also loves to draw so excited to tell him about this!

Even though the position at that point

Even though the position at that point

Great lesson John!Thank you for another great video.Can you or have you already showed us your cross cut sled?kidnapping assault 2 previous suspicion charges of murder 26 different charges in the span of his life.I could kill these kids for not paying attention.Its conspiring against you.But at the very probable risk of sounding ignorant - What is it that has been made ?

After you take

After you take

Great choice to do a Petrosian video!Thanks for doing them.Most interesting and entertaining end game I’ve ever seen.I'm where I belong.When’s the new hide n seek video coming out?Another way of measuring an inside dovetail between pins is, instead of stacking gage blocks, use an adjustable parallel.That is a really nice project.I know for sure we'll achieve them one day, perhaps not now but eventually.Di menit 2:40 kalo rajanya rokade gimana bang?Are there any subtleties to notice that explain Rg6?

How long would this last I need a cake for sunday but not sure if I should try it today.1:51 why were they laughing?Lol this was so helpful.We'regoing to need this info.I mean, even UFC fighters hug each other and show great amount of respect.


Still would've lost to Exodia Murlocs

Sepand Ghanouni

Today at work I was unconsciously mumbling to myself "Hi this is Mato" until someone said, "what the hell are you saying?"I think I am watching too many of his videos

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Yeah I'd rather spend a few bucks on a coffee andsandwich than miss my 1000$ flight BRIGHT SIDE

Oscar Miranda

For all who does not care about stupid comments: caruana won

wowbob wow

he probably thrown his mouse today after andrew tang took 3 games off him.

Dark Emperium

For one second there i saw a cockain line


how come u didn't hear DONT LEAVE at 10.51..

abo omer

I work some thing like that called oyma but with fixed wood not rotaring butthank u for that video thank u for background quran voise Just go ahead

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Hi just wanted to say thx because I can never find this song on YouTube that lasts for at least 10 min!Thx so much!


How can you be rated 1100? Are chess ratings that different from real life?

cody the programmer

Actually I my maths teacher told us to sit for 3 hours in class trying to design a map that needs 5 colors. I did manage to do one, with 12 over regions. However, one person in my class did it with only 5 regions...

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I don’t even want to know the price tag on this baby.Had I done it, I’d be unwilling to consider parting with it after all that work.Did you use the odds and ends trimmed off previous works?

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Chess is a richly complex game as it is without the need of shaping the board into a sphere.

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Again.. the chef screaming "my wine!!!" But he cool.. thumbs up for both of you..

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Rxd6 Qc7


1. Rxa8 Rxa8 2. Rxh7White is automatically up a pawn before the game starts.

Tiger I. F. R. Tiger

Nik...where is this beautiful area?? remindes me so much of my home...balkan area

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Im living only a few km away from the swiss border and have heard of them doing incredible work but that's even beyond i could imagine what they are able to do... Thanx titan...

arunreddy gajjaa

why always play with white

I remember vaguely learning about these in Little Big Planet... a children's game. I didn't know it at the time but they were indirectly educating the young generations to become engineers.

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Purely out of curiosity. Carlsen is obviously the genius between the two of us. But for move 7 why doesn't white play Qa4 and take the black bishop with the next move? The queen gets chased around after black develops the knight but I think it could retreat nicely

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Wow, the satisfaction you must feel at the end of your day must be wonderful. You make beautiful dangerous items and each step in the creation is quite an accomplishment. Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship.

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Pink Hat Of Doom

What about complex mechanical parts? Oh wait nevermind I always guard them with a box

ba la

Sorry about that