Aunt Myrna's Mississippi Mud Pie

Suggestion a game between you and a friend.0:44 just turn on subtitleswatchthe full video with subtitlesit'svery funny.Nice machine here, but it is too tight, what about a humanize function?Yet it is said that anybody can improve so I don't understand.You literally post videos on the internet.3:11 cant quite see why b2 captures is a bad move.No shed is complete without a comically oversized padlock.

Or quantum tunneling?If you sharpened the whole blade at 30 degrees, the cutting edge often can’t make contact, and the knife ends up splitting carrots like a wedge, rather than cutting them.What is name of game.I love your intro!The cars are insanely beautiful!Keep on inspiring others that is where your true talent lies.He considers moves which many of us would dismiss in favor of safer moves.

Humble question: Why didnt he check with the

Humble question: Why didnt he check with the

He knows what's good!I have to say your really helping me get my game to the next level i always would blunder pieces and now after just watching your two videos i feel much better about not allowing that to happen and i feel ive really improved.If you assign values to cells so that from left to right every step corresponds with a factor 1 phi, why would that be any better than phi?Sorry Ubisoft but global trade would not collapse in 5 days.Top cnh bunArthur chia tay v ca mnh trong RDR 2Soap hi sinh trong Call of dutyJoel gp li Ellie trong qun bar b hoang trong Last of us.Do you ever wonder about how many of these people you bump into in your day to day life and never know it?For me having that awkward stick a foot away is more dangerous than my finger closer to the blade where I'm much more aware of it certainly where my eyes focused.Her boyfriend is really damn good in bed.

No one will move the king fools.Thanks sir and your welcome andbest regards.I was wondering how to make my knight but i think am going to have a little hard time making mine out of sapphire but thatok ive nothing but time on my hands.Mato's channel is the best.Jay, do you work much with spokeshaves.At 10:11 the f6 horse can easily kill the queen.0:48 tf is wrong with him?He probably got his cheeks clapped in prison.For jointing, I use my 5.That is incredible!

The yasser and eric was so wholesome.Why do I feel like I want to smack that kid.Or do like sweat?Lol this was great.A natural extension of the illumination notion is n-illuminable (I just made this up, there might be established names in the literature), where n-1 candles are not enough to illuminate every point but n candles are.I've taken this test and it turned out I'm an assasin.Please get knee pads, I cringed when I seen you kneel with them.Nice thing to program an ai to do this.Pls can you give me some of your rare pokemon cards because people keep on stealing them so please and my parents will not let me have one no more.That flagging is next level.

Kevin Nahai

In two minutes’ time you will have turned the light on and off infinitely many times and completed it. How can you complete it if it is infinite?


Thanks buddy, it's a very cool little figurine and looks fantastic in my collection. Thanks for the kind words as always and I'm glad you took the time to watch

Madhav Anand


Tronald Dump

I actually laughed watching this, it’s a hoax.

Ronnie Jacob grey

Nakakabwst naman yung part na sila yung naka perwesyo yung nabugbug pa ang nasa prisento

Trev Delucchi

Assuming he didn’t win based on the first few secondsp

Kharl Villamanca

She has special gift from god,that no ones can buy to her..


Wow, that instantaneous prediction finding Carlsen

Arkin McClurg

It wasn’t very cash money of them to vote out Nola

Dino Prao

FIVE HOURS!? Are you kidding me? This is awesome!


The wedge is genius. I've encountered the same problem cutting thicker stock and didn't want it to burn. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. Thanks.

Jim Geary

I think we are watching the rise of the 17th World Chess Champion.

Samantha Barris

Great video! Thanks


Zozo wants him to have the mirror that’s why he says let me see it myself I would know because it happened to me to.

Ger Hanssen

If only Chess was designed to have more such kind of games. Shogi is...

ilusionista blanco

45:50 <3

nikita pisek

Thumbnail is phenomenal xxxx)))))))

Danny B

This guy is woodworking jesus. Who knew id spend my lunch break watching someone shaping wood and enjoying it??

Francisco Carneiro

Is we fold the paper 13 times it doesn’t exist anymore

jack cash

the confusion comes in because the term infinity has never really been properly defined. Many have tried and many have died.

Joey Cappella

Wow I’ve never seen anything like that before unbelievable mo you get dee best paranormal activity ever yes I we appreciate it

Mayur Abhisheki

Where will the stream take place?


dont like the new board ! keep the old one please.

c Phan

pht 16:35 sao bn trng hk ly hu n cht d3 ca bn en vy

Jose Vismar Condori Morales

6:40 Iam Bolivia present


Hmmm... the chesspieces are somewhat oversized, disproportional to the chessboard. The expensive chess set is pretty indeed, but... not practical.

ch d

amazing game