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" Some great moments.According to the closed captions Anatoliy the Twelfth says "at the age of eleven I became a candidate monster in Soviet Union.I totally love all your videos detailing a particular opening in depth.:20,000Referral : 200bonus pair match : 2500Profit:120,000Package: 120,000Daily cashback :Rs.What inside start 6:51.

Oh, oh my - there’s a tax

Oh, oh my - there’s a tax

Best water surface I’ve ever seen.Background before your wife lol 2020.Because then at 3:00 you could play dxe4 and the position is still good for you.If he plays to f7 then we have to play queen to g7Then he has to play to e8.When Queen takes white can't castle anymore?

Thank you so much chess

Thank you so much chess

May you give the toughest challenges in the years to come to everyone, happy birthday Indian Tiger :).Textviewwidth: 217margin: 5font-size: 25padding: 5border: nonecolor: blackbackground-color: white.These guys awesome.Theirs a special place in hell for defence lawyers!Sir aaapkaaa explanation jaaaaaaaaazabaaaaaaaaaaab hotaaaaa h.In the spirit of Mikhail Tal, I'll like this video.What if Black doesn't play e7?Music from another universe magical, wonderful and warm.But Best animation!I don't remember if you did a video on it!

You bring such joy and fun together with

You bring such joy and fun together with

After 60 years building boats and working in wood, I still learned a couple things.Now everyone is using 100 apps from the age of 3.What if castle takes bishop?This is why most people give up on math.What at ever your cad program you design to have what I call a reference piece or parent piece.1:01:53 why not just playing Qh5 threatening check on f7 and then after Be3 and Kb5 I think it's a little better.I dont want to put dislike on this video.Wow can't believe i got here so early.Yous walked right by it Fam Out.

Sebastian Apolo

After Ne5 I found the move f6 which is fine but not the knight sac.

halim bendib

hhh nice technic to make legs. very smart

Paul Beckmann

Can you tell me more about the router table you are using, please?

J Antonio

Black had 2 defense strategies to play. He should not have resigned !!!

Bo Mortensen

remember also that most beer before modern times would have been very low in alcohol content

Justine Boniel

I think Davie504 gonna slap you if he sees you Like Down If you are fan withDavie!

an o thingy that likes cheese

I started programming on Roblox, it's not that hard and not as easy as logo or whatever, it's a pretty good way to start

Wessel Schoonderwaldt

what's up with the glove when glueing

Grayson Schaffner

I want to be like you one day.

nick w

why must the hole for a brass screw start with a steel one, is this still true when pre drilling?

google kaba

Dba magpinsan kayo