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7:12 can't Qxc8 force the win after.So often there is order in what seems completely random and chaotic.LOL his adopted son is stronger than his fathero.Now that's chess.Amazing what you can make out scrap wood awesome.It's news to me.Who is the instructor?115 to 123 23-15 8.

Jalene360 Nearly headless?I have Seen some videos of you but you Earned the Sub.UNO or Monopoly with UNITY?Oh, and spoilers I guess, but the killer move discussed at 5:25 is rook d8.Wait are you guys same person?Thumbnail looks like the hotdog guy in The Happening.

Alireza is the new Carlsen, not just in bullet.Classical style I liked this game very much than game 9!Obviously what makes great players great are their great moves.Just came across this video and so glad I did!You could say it was a MUTE needle point.Lol he saw a nasty Knight fork coming 12 moves ahear, while my 50% of my loss in blitz is 1 move ahead Knight bitchy jumps.I will try it out.Old sawmill blade would be either L6 tool steel or 1080 with 2% nickel alloy, a proprietary steel made for sawmills.Keith didn’t get checkmate.Show pragnanandha game.

Hello jazz lovers.

Hello jazz lovers.

Carlsen - Nakamura is one of my favourite matches so is.Kramnik is such a BOSS.Modern chess is boring.And we have another BANGER video.A fun idea would be to drill the bottom full of holes the increase the amount of water touching the aluminium to increase the boiling time.It’s theory until move what ?Thanks a lot and more power.The game is Draw.This way people can make some weird stuff and share it without fear of deletion.This reminds me of Harry potter the Philosopher's Stone.

I realy like

I realy like

Can we use formula in question no 9."Chaotic and dysfunctional" sounds like a family I know.Applies to anything in much the same way that you use it!Haha 5:44 they both think at the exact same time.Love watching your woodworking techniques - I learn a new trick every time.That’s a great opening against noobs but this.It's been my daily-driver for schoolwork and occasional light-gaming for the past 3 months, I absolutely love it!I didn’t really like the chess pieces but I love the sarcasm!

Joel Graham

Great job that is really cool! Great camera work also.

Fadly Yulendri7

Si bapa mau pencet punya orng

Sonny Hidayat

how about if the pawn defense with pawn d6 when we give gambit at d4 ?

The jupiter

A great shame that he constantly bombards the viewers with a corny joke every three seconds that deflects ones concentration from the important points of what would otherwise be great lectures.


now did this guy even know who Kurt is before he played him? also i thought this was some kinda joke him being a master.

kill me

Eugene was definitely genuinely into James and I'm screaming

Zack Harris

The game of Chess is like a swordfight. You must think first before you move.

The Lone Wolf

funny to see GMs and IMs play out of their comfort zone, I'd love to play vs them


Jellyfish Simon u even said that at the start Prob still the weekend drinking in the system.

Abhishek Earthquake

Great Conversation!

Balay Cebu

Wesley so mst go back to Philippine Chessassociation

Northern Wealth Anarchy Perimeter

Girl is attractive

Ash Hole Cigar Club

Not only do you have good taste in design, but you have good taste in music. Beautiful job my friend, Cheers!

Lars Holger Holm

As far as I can see, another interesting variation of the estocado would have been (instead of the final Qg3) g5. If Rg2 then h4, hxg4 h5!