Artificial intelligence & algorithms: pros & cons | DW Documentary (AI documentary)

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What sorts of wood did you use?

What sorts of wood did you use?

Producer : Why are you holding the camera with only one hand ?Hey i made the res velvet cake and followed each and every step of it but at the end the cake was tooo moist like not even tasted like a cake.Very clearly explained!Although in this game it was obviously a blunder!My favorite thing to say after winning on a lucky river card is.You will not necessarily lose a piece in the end, Black can just block with the knight.We are building a home here in Costa Rica a land full of such gorgeous wood.Would we have had gained an advantage?The one thing I really miss is the ability to easily program my computer now that I'm using a PC.I'd have loved that as a young man.

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Even though the game

Even though the game

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Please give these comments a like.

Please give these comments a like.

19:12 DAMN did I just find a tactic that the WORLD CHAMPION missed?Looks like to me the length of the handle is the radius of the outer curve.I'm loving the accent all the way from Australia.THIS GUY KEEPS CHANGING IT I CANT EVEN TELL WHAT IS GOING ON.It was used in Japan and China though.What an amazing video!

SheSkates 926

love it!


No offense, but she's a double threat herself(beauty AND brains!). Very informative lecture. I liked how she went through other players thought process and analyzed each position with them. It helped me become more aware how much I need to improve. Lol

juan carlos l

Question: Is it a draw because they would repeat the last movements and none of them want to do something different (to risk) that would give the chance to the other to win????

Chris Scarborough

Nicely done.Thanks!

Gzim Morina

Alpha zero even is the best engine in the world she plays only 8 percent of perfect culmination chess . Can you believe it

Mukhtar Kafaar

Pagamiza bru u now the boss of the state

Derek Cormier

Just an update...Zach dropped almost 200 rating points in Blitz since this video and hasn't played a game since 9/11/2016.For me, and this is just my personal opinion, while John seems optimistic, it seems Zac, like most adults, isn't very coach-able and is just too busy with life to put in the work to get better.


Man why spoil the end in the title?


Poor tin snips there like 80 buck there made for cutting aluminum

Lauren Smith

Does anyone know the woman's name wearing Orange?

Tim Nesham

I enjoyed the analysis, and liked the use of Do you mention It would be great to see more use of that tool in the analysis of games.


Great video, had to watch it many time to take it all in

Wildlife In Nepal- Tiras Pradhan

Sorry to brust your bubble, this will never in your life come in handy.

redhead sticky

subbed great job. have project specializing in dovetail construction.  thanks great job

Jay Vantol

3/12 pitch.