Artificial Intelligence - Chess Queens Challenge Puzzle

I played with Hot Wheels as a kid, I know all about this, did all of that stuff, just didn't know the names or the math!Very nice looking door, well thought out and great execution.However, is there a way that we could continue on the B to Chess Master series?Kramnik speaks tamil.

Jimin is basically silent the whole

Jimin is basically silent the whole

Im watching this at 1:40am.How can you afford all these cards.If you make them go up and over and down and below the other roads they intersect, it would be far more functional.I enjoy these videos but I have to say this is by far my favourite.BTW, great videola!Any one waching 2020.Hello,Can you explain why using Region.Restores my faith in humanity :-).

One should not say

One should not say

Painting the underside of the upper superstructure in black would have prevented that and made the portholes POP even more.The easiest one would maybe take me a few weeksAlso I use gamemaker so it would probably make it even easier.Dou 2:57Try find the best move to save the queen.Can you think of any good pranks that these candies would be perfect for?6:00 missed an even better move imho -Knight to e6fork queen and castle threaten mate and forces him to break his kings defencive pawn structure.If every person on the planet earth was to consider a single chess move 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 14 billion years you would have calculated chess up to move 10.That it’s a planet.brought back such good memories.I always thought of Chess as more than a game.

Wow Ben played very accurately in the second game.I remember as a student trying to code a bubble sort in Fortran on an IBM 360 - never got to see anything like this!Lol Magnus bobbing his head listening to music.Only contribution and not business mindedbut he contradicts this fact.The right term for this match for the white is stifling.At least this game was fun.Everyone (deceased) in my family was created, I will be too.

Queen Toaster Wolf 1

I saw a Tom hand like shit this isn’t Elmo’s hospital this is toms

Urv Patel

It was impressable position for anand

Rand Huso

Doesn't deserve the Morphy head.



Rabail Zubair

Can I use powder food colour??


Very calm and controlled that's what I like about Karpov. Always polite never attacked his opponents personally. But Fischer would have beaten him in 1975 and 1978. .And Kasparov was a little better than him and today Magnus Carlsen is superior to Karpov in prime.

fowling snicker

I'm especially amazed at Magnus' newly acquired ability to not drop the camera for an entire hour

Luke Owen

Not wanting to go all Bobby Fischer about it, but I'm really surprised that the audience is that close! I'd find it immensely distracting. Also it's so weird seeing chess from the side I spent most of game 1 turning my head at a 90 degree angle ).

Steve Smith

what timber is it, looks a bit like camphor laurel?

Roth Northrop

anyway, the justice system is broken


Wish Hermione could obliviate the memories I have of the man who hurt me.


I suspect that a cobbled together heater block, pressure washer nozzle fitting and an aerobie press would be better than this 'commercial' experiment. Maybe it's purposeful sabotage to keep the filament guys in business? Novel idea but back to the drafting board.

Care Cup

48:00 b2 is hanging. why didnt he take?

Jacob Hajarat

Watched it for the 3rd time since it was released, still feels like a 33 seconds videos! Amazing build!

Nicko Belic

i think 5. ...a6 is called Chebanenko variation

Andrei Kozovoi

He's a chess genius, but can someone teach him a double Windsor ?


Gino Asci

Can't we just do some woodworking without everyone trying to sell shit.Doesn't anyone have a job anymore.I'd like to just watch your videos to get ideas and learn new techniques.Shaun you don't have to get a script correct. You're not auditioning for a movie part. Don't drive yourself crazy worrying about all the details.I don't know how these YouTube woodworking videos got to be so complex and full of advertisements.Why does it have to be so hard I'll never understand.I guess I watch so many videos that I landed here with my rant.No harm intended.Hey this is just my two cents from onewoodworker to another.Cheers.

Just a Human

I had no clue how cool this is

Alexandre St-Laurent

Just need more thermite...

R Palmer

Nice. More like this please.


I didn't watch the game, but this gives me the impression that it didn't cost Vishy much effort.

virgil kartodikromo



Cool idea and process however I feel like you could have made a genuine river table by adding blue pigment to the resin for the rivers on the map..that would have made it pop....looks great and has given me some ideasthank you for sharing your work

Diomedes Pelias

Theres a beutiful checkmate with the rook


printf("3d racing")ez


Cartoons are not good places for music...At least the newer ones...:)...Review the violin in The Red Violin...The Stradivarius in that movie sounds so beautiful!

Susan Spring

Dont say that


10:00 was unintentionally horrifying.One can only imagine what that knight has seen.