Are We Doing Too Much Homework?

It almost has the look of digital camouflage.I remember wanting it sooooo much, convinced that it projected its patterns into the very air itself :P You can imagine my disappointment, come Christmas.Hope this WIN gives more confidence and less pressure in the 4th match.Love from India.You were originally correct Sir.Aaaasaaaa headshot.

But can you make a closed tour semi magical square?This is very instructive.React is javascript library right?And everytime someone plays we are watching like a baboon cheering and shouting also we players of chess in our class play like "anime or yugioh style" with all dramatic lines and poses.But it took 90 moves.I'm no GM but giving Magnus 2 passed pawns on the queen side doesnt look like good strategy.Thank you fer the share.

Have you considered filming

Have you considered filming

Trash talk is garbage ESPECIALLY when it's from people not playing.I think I saw a similar things with it.If they ignore your battleships, your battleships can close in on the enemy carriers and attack them.Almost like he was more interested in that game than his own.Is the host aware that magnus doesn't have a Microphone?TOTALLY captivated and mesmerised by this video.Editing 310Watch.7:15 "That would be.

Ang Ganda like if u agreePress this.Love seeing these games from the world rapid championship, hopeful to see more.That seems a bit longer than 12 minutes to me Bob.Then you can train the horse, enter it in pre determined races set out in a race calendar.My guess on the warmup problem is d6-d7.I want to meet the guy who made all of this, because this is not the result of some random situation.If qd5 then simply nc6.Love the saitama quote.Dus n goeie movie.Really good job.

Your wife let you put that in the living room?Table saw is for smaller pieces.That's a very nice clock!Does anyone know where that is?Make a routed bevel around the wooden part of the table just outside the epoxied piece.Did anybody else see the girl at 4:26 that saw the camera and just walked away?And the coil of wires should be put on top of the ceiling plates.These boards will crack, wood moves across the grain and the two timbers are varying in density, one will move more than the other and cracks will result.

Very good brother.

Very good brother.

This channel is the reason Iwant to get back into buying cards and restarting my collection.Qf2 to qf8 which is checkmate.0:22 "just happens to be brown"me from 2016 : yea OK.A radiation hardened version of the MIPS R3000.So much dedication for just winning a board game.

Grandma Beth putting on her glasses.Well another quotation that comes to mind is a knight on f8 there is no mate.13:51 Bishop d4 chess.I'm incredibly grateful for such flawless content!THIS HOLE IS A FINISHER HOLE!I'll probably lose by I don't care.

jesus fkingchrist

When you said to try it in the first video, I immediately wrote a very simple program to test it.Just a square that checks to see if their is a square above and right of it, if not it creates them and deletes itself. Then i put the starting 3 in the prison and set it to randomly run the check constantly to imitate someone making random movesI made the squares single pixels and watched them try to fill in my entire screen while just creating tons of rectangles of pixels and making no progress in freeing the prisonObviously this doesn't prove anything, it was just fun

peter vogel

Wow !! american idiot for idiots !!

Aca Tea

The simpler way to put is say you have 1 x 0 = 0 and you also have 2 x 0 = 0. To divide 0 by 0, you could plug all numbers from positive to negative infinity and be right, so there is no defined answer. This is why we call 0/0 undefined.

Raymond Howard

Nicely done.Just curious but,why didn't you use the live center when you first started the OD?

Archange Camilien

Haha...I see the solution now...assuming the opponent makes the best possible moves (avoiding that the opponent get "close enough" to his own pawn, close enough to protect it, which would result in a draw), white king to g7, king to f6, then the opponent better get to the white pawn, otherwise it will be too late...then king to e5, the opponent better take the white pawn, or it will be a draw when the king gets close enough to the pawn (and doesn't mess up, haha, of course, we're assuming neither side will make a "silly mistake")...then, after the white pawn is taken, the white king can stop the black pawn = draw...haha...neat solution...found it by finding the requirements a solution would need to have and trying to confine the possibilities to those...


There are a few King's Indian positions in which Black can play a queen sacrifice. Kasparov even played one against Karpov in a game from one of their world championship matches.

Anil Singh

Excellent lecture 5 out of 5 :)

Geoffroy MB

He looks a bit like Prismo from Adventure Time.

Vladiz T

Can this machine play DX-Ball 2 BeatWave?

AllySuckBlack is back

Why do white pieces always have to start first? Isn’t that bit racist?

Bablu Shaz

Gun Lao na please

Sonia Smith

Brilliant ! Visiting fromOz with hubby to UK next year and would lovelearn first hand from your own to create something amazing. Maybe create a small project.

William Brown

At 8:31 looks like something moved outside that window after you both heard that piano sound.