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He's too strong,

He's too strong,

You're channel is the best about middle earth on YouTube!Good work and great to watch.More like, why isn't it?I think you mean factored.It means if u break the mirror it will haunt u were ever u go and look in it he will spare u and when you look at it u will feel different bc it takes your soap and makes it safe I am the person who was fish possessed by him it wasno no bc I went my other side aka demon wolf.Since today, the blade-height of of my tablesaw is not working anymore due to a dull bronze nut.On 23:00 min mark you hear efn laugh like the drunk guy from Simpson's.Some 1800 player used this on me last night.

This game covers

This game covers

Still, like the Apollo program, the New Horizons mission is incredible!Como eu queria saber os ingredientes desta receita em portugus.Sadly, name unknown.EXCELLENT Father and Son.The only thing, better than chess, that Bobby fischer did, was speak truthfully about the world.1:03 when november is over.I think the idea of the mines are an incredible touch.Excellent listening.One of the best parenting videos I've ever seen.

Bxd5 i didnt find as surprising as you, 1st off i always analyse all captures 1st before going into more subtle lines, i looked at.Thanks, Nice video.Wow hekilled the battle acting like sucker.Even geniuses have tech issues.He is very consistent, america.

Com which is relatively

Com which is relatively

Cutting board porn awesome!Even17,Ba8 or 17,Re8 is much better.I've also sadly had no luck with finding any lost recordings on my reels I get from thrift stores either.Thank you so much!Carlson secret 'stay hydrated'.

Every intro of elgin.Jangan lupa subcreb channel bang adit juga hehehe!In Super Mario Party, a virtual board game, each character has their own unique die to roll.You’re playing Magnus Carlsen.I never learned the classic, so when I hear things like the English opening or the Kings Indian defense I don’t really know what that means.I think he was still pasest and that was the demon talking (i dont wanna say his name) I'm scared after watching this.

What about Bbishop d6 after WBishop d4 to defend?Sixto Corbo Barreto.Thank you for walking us through your process.Who is that "we are good friends" parts about?Dear chess lovers recently my friend GM Avetik Grigoryan has started a chess channel.


1:31 someone taking pictures?

alltime chess

1:Qc6,2:Bxc6,3:Rd8 and thats a beautiful checkmate!!!

Silver Fox

This wood porn channel is criminally under subbed!???


Congratula...! :D Hey, that could rhyme with Dracula! I don't play chess, but I like this set. Ive got you beat though. I've got a set of ceramic greenware pieces that my son and I were going to do about 3 moves and 25 years ago. Lol Someday.....

Vasyl Shcherban

There is BIG problem here: Kyivska Rus and Russian has little in common!The successor of Kyivska Rus is Ukraine (with capital Kyiv).And Russian come more from Moscow (remote trading post) that grow up on the edge of Khan's empire....Check the map ... and everything will be clear.


Way too many people talking in this video.

Nicko Emmanuel Villacruz

Simon Williams must watch


When he said he was waiting on people to get back from their fridge, I paused the video, went and made myself a sandwich, then came back and unpaused it. That was so considerate of him.


And it was on this date that chess24 finally got some views!

Rahma Ghanduri

love listening to this stuff

Miguel Rovlich

En el minuto 5:10 las blancas tienen dama b3 jaque mate

Betty Boop

Is it me or the honey one looks less cooked and puffed than the jam one?

Rayeed TLG

prisoner of azkaben anthem is not here why ????

Manglam Panday




Aman singh

i wish someone punched her for using dat phone...smh...she doesnt deserve clips...throw her cortez lol

Justin Piche

I had to mute the audio. Way 2 detailed. There are 2 type or chess player. Good and the bad one...The good don't need all your comment and the bad won't care/won't keep up with how fast it's all happening. Please keep it simple. And for fk sake. Stick to the game. Don't show 4 moves in advance done in another century, by another player.


How did chess24 manage to sign him up???

Indrajit Gaikwad

First view first like first comment to lion of Indian chess


Looked to me like Carlsen was trying to get all the pieces off the board as fast as possible to get to the end game.