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Did Morphy study any opening theory?In Blacks 6th move insteadof moving the pondcan we move Black Bishop to C3.impressionante !And almost everytime to a weaker player.41:57 nearly spit out my drink laughing.Holy shit he looks exactly like the guy who played him in Wolf Creek!All the very best for your chess career "Super GM Peter Svidler".Im trying to understand why this NM would leave that obvious tactic on the board 3 moves in a row.

All the laptops in our house run only Linux.Also, his wife and son were killed.I agree, you have to look at the person's spirit for these type of things.It isn't every day you see a bullet game get that deep into an endgame!I don’t like that, and I was like This is some beautiful cabling.

First we try them all in the pairs AB, CD, EF, GH, that's 4 attempts and because we are maximally unlucky, none of these pairs were 2 charged batteries.It makes cool noise but I want to know what’s inside to make the noise.But ligth does not travel in a straigth line, is this taken in consideration?Hit that if you think so.Game starts at 8:20.Contraddicted himself quite a bit.All that work to be ruined by not priming or sanding then using a rattle can to paint it.

Smoothed out using plastic putty knives.

Smoothed out using plastic putty knives.

Getting an addtlnl 70k subscribers.Very entertaining.DON'T EAT TO MUCH.Then you can go into almost any amount of sized squares easily.Is it better to castle on the queen side?Hindi Sikh Hindi.What I did was buy an old glass shelf from a 2nd hand store for $5 and wetdry sand paper (40080010001500).-Are there 18 or 20 trees?

Thanks for the video.

Thanks for the video.

"We need to Long Island up this Iced Tea" killed me.That is the best ending!Why at 12:52 would black not move castle to F8?How do i get in the class.Have you been exposed to cybersecurity?Guys they said that the client was stingy and on tight schedule.I want form in middle of page.Constantly seeking complications and fighting to win in every game, the former child prodigy has ranked as high as 3 in the world rankings.It makes using a calculator significantly harder than it needs to be.Enthoru beautiful movie aanu.

A CNC router bit can never finish in a perfect tight "V".All the best from Wales buddy.Dxe5 is a blunder.My Dad smoked a pipe.Ive never seen him before but his face seems familiar, i think he reminds me of tyler the creator.I can almost hear Ben Finegold rating of when people say that Morphy's opponents were no good but people still play the same :PJust kidding of course."First things first, let's turn the sun into a black hole"Buiseness as usual at Vsauce.Those bishops in the third game tho.This is the best video on the entire youtube lol I love the music, edditing, voiceover.

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i remember seeing these tik toks and being like "they're definitely making a video about this"

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That is an awesome "run" you created that's for sharing! God bless.

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Tal is my second favourite world champion, thanks for doing this video. Free likes to anyone who can guess my 1 from that.

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bel lavoro!!