Aperture di Scacchi 00 - Introduzione e Principi

Master of two great arts.5 (so it rounds up to 6) and each term in the expression above corresponds to a day.Great vid, thanks for posting.Last few moves was waste.Regarding being able to relax when you're 10 points up with 10 seconds left, not every sport is like that.Can someone explain what the Petrossian joke is ?Nakakaiyak talaga.

Pulling extra dimensions out of your ass is not math and it’s not real.Est maana al levantarme me entraba realmente mal, triste y negativa y est msica lo cambia y me pone una sonrisa, me da paz.I just want a copy of the recording off of it.It takes the knight three moves in that diagonal position right?Imperfection can be corrected through rebuke and correction until perfection is acheived.What a beautiful game Mato.And after watching this video and a bunch of chess videos.My Wanhao Di3 currently needs some work (new PEI sheet I think needs doing), but I love these videos!

And should get more recognition!Valueif(exp)document.Those really make woodworking nice.This is super chill.Seriously, how are you analyzing chess?And as Ive seen proven, you dont have a problem with edge joining, so it is a fix to a problem you don't have.Joe Budden is fuckin nuts mansneaker heads gon be on his neck.A lesson in total commitment to high quality and perfection.

After the resign.

After the resign.

I'm so dizzy my head is spinning.Alexmonstrosity.06:30 it will be better for white to sacrifice his Queen by taking that bishop at D7, than Black Rook will capture Queen at D7, and then White Rook from C3 to C8 and give a black hard decision, cause no matter what black do, it will be check mate, promotion to queen, but if the Black decided to escaping by moving his King pawn, then it would be a little problem07:42 Again its not over yet, White still can play defense, just by moving Queen to F3, ready to capture 2 other Pawn which ready to promotion, yes the rook will be taken, but as soon as the promotion happen, the Queen will simply take it and ready to guard other 2 pawn.Im the first puzzle Black can prolong things by playing Be6 or Be8 Kf6 gxh4 Be7 h3 Bf8 though - just in time before h4 is possible.Thanks for the video and I also liked your delivery, very straightforward and matter of fact.

The man was

The man was

It's games like these that show the difference between grandmasters and players like me grandmasters find strong moves like these in-game, I only see them when I'm told there's something to find.Yeah keep going low.That twin bomber plane is fucking hilarious you shoot one down they both go down smart move.That's pretty sweet.Ima keep spamming.Excellent work done.I just want know if yours have a e-mail for contact, cause I have elaborate a project like your and I have some questions about the programing.

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Thank you for everything you guys do.It means more to some of us than you'll ever know.


Awesome stuff John!!!! liked, subscribed, shared, every'ed there is to be! amazing

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- board knocks its own pieces over- pieces are small- pieces move too slow- no storage- beep noise- gee whiz, with all that technology and pricing, you might as well add a built in chess clock- could use some other additions, such as voice operated moves (ex: say PAWN TO E4)/or beeping ability in every piece (in case you drop a piece and need to find it)- not convenient for travel- and other issues that I'm sure you could think of

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