Anthem from Chess by Yorkshire Regiment

Me: Sucks at chessChess Talk: You are now a god at chess.MAGNUS GANGSTERS PARADISE.What a waste of time.For these reasons, the tables have been selected to honor a great American chess hero.Good work KC - keep it up :).Rokade berlainan adalah pertempuran yg sangat menegangkan dalam "Sisilia".Y can't carlini shut his trap?Closed captions (CC) have now been added to this video- hope they are useful to some of you :) Cheers, K.

USE ALL THE QUEENS OF SAME COLOUR AND THEY WONT ATTACK EACH OTHER.Mikhail Tal is gay !How did I guess all the good moves?Im cute im single!

What was the game he played at the end of the vid that was not on the list?Fish (29:30) is also important as it is not meat - and meat was forbiddenfrowned uponto be eaten in lent and advent as well as on fridays by the church.I'm a nice guy that likes lions.Do you give classes on how to work that fast?I change my vote to karpov !Everything they said was wrong.Or you can write me directly and I'll tell you :)."now ther a no more options here, but if you.

I'm willing to bet that whenever it rains the water just beads off of Steve's driveway with all of the over-spray from the lacquer that's laying on top :).PZ2 cut screws are way better then torx cut screws, i love spax but pz2 is the way to go, i find torx's cam out to fast and when their striped you're in a world of pain!I dont think it's jerry.I find videos like these oddly relaxing.We want to see all the cool things you made for your home.Erotic explosion.Can u add a recipe of how to make butter milk.I think 2000 rupees.Aro video chaii.

Bach really seems to be having fun, letting that oboe play.Kind regards, Gunter.Lots of people buy a racquet because certain player uses it andit turns out it's not the actual racquet he uses and it's just a paint job.Is it necessary to write table tag we can also write without table tag.Wasn't expecting him to throw the high kick at 5:10 he must train.Where can i find that led light ?Thank you, you crazy bastard.I'm so cutting off my fingertips with that Exacto blade.But only after 30 seconds of struggle, not 7.4:51 a wild carauna is that how you spell it idk but anywhoHe walks in.

I haven't seen mexican culture this threatened since Trump's wall.It seemed a waste of an opportunity with little consequence that he didn't, and it would have tied up nakamura's c8 rook too.That was a nail biter.And what about Linux ?Superb but cant follow in the video plzgive soft copy or link bro.I am inspired, now, to take on projects I never before would have considered.

Wyze Geye

sharing is one thing, but this is wanna help?simplify the thing and jump right in.didn't come here to watch your self engrossed, doodling,showing off.damn.

hum yum

oh finally one tactic move among all these computerish moves we see in this era great work Chessbetwork

Jake Bowling

This is awesome craftsmanship. Just going to throw out some advice as a machinist, you shouldn't wear rings around lathes.

Rishabh Kumar

No offence. But I think carlsen forced the game to repeatition so that ivanchuk takes a different move which is in favour of Carlson. Something which I don't appreciate much.

John Caputo

This guy is pretty good, he might have a future in chess

Jamie Pendergast

Truly awful code. It may work but it is very much insulting to any standard of good practice.

Pasijutau lietuviu ess

I forgot Rob Dyke existed. Turns out, he still uploads. Last time I watched him, he still held "WWYPTOTI" series.Edit: I meant several years ago, I just saw he uploaded new episodes not long ago.


There is always another mountain to climb, that's what I am starting to love, even if I'm only just now walking the trail on the way to the smallest mountain.

Aaron Naylor

If I wanted to get my hand in starting a machine shop. Where would I start ? Which machine could I start with to build from. To be my own boss. I have experience with edm graphite machines but not cnc. I’m a quick study though. One of those people that see things once and can replicate it. I won’t get to much into the financials but just any input would help a lot.

jaime caro

don luis esta buena su enseanza pero no tiene volumen el tutorial gracias

Salman Bos

I think know bodys perfect.mostly do mistake

Martin Wooder

8 track cartridges always look really dirty

wan kamarul

What if the white rook goes to H4 to prevent the check on F1?

Jamie Rosino

Agadmator loses all credibility