Anime Human Chess 2012: 03 - Guile vs Trowa Barton

Something legendary, gotta give this man his props.Really nice piece.To locate your position.For the first 1.Cause you sit there and think, i dont wanna play the theory all the way through, and i dont wanna pull cowboy style out and lose trying to be clever.I have no problem understanding them but it's a bit disappointing.

I read the title Making wood from leather and iron xdd.Anything to keep me from having to hunch over my back appreciates.I like you vidoe.I love the character that was unleashed from within that log.Agadmator June 16, 1987 - November 10, 2076.Harry potter chinese and bruce lee.I mean she rocks.You deserve a carpenters kiss for this one.

Eitan from Israel.There is a white square bishop setting on the b7 square?Bhaiyaa jiiii apna hee dimag challa lette naa.The teacher would have woken me up, but I had all A's so.We used it (to the actuall fifth iteration) on my bands first shirt.Why in Sam Hill are top GM's losingwon games against Justin Beiber?Geometry is representation of number sequence to a point.I couldn't play chess back in the 90s, but man I loved those animations!

No I am not a pimply fan-boy but a 59 yo doctor with respect for all and he has resurrected a love of chess my late father instilled in me as a child.You should entertain gays on their parades instead!And why doesn't Jean-Luc speak Picard?Looking at the world it is a sphere, so if you would use a map one country will be cut msot of the time.Years ago I played Gligoric in a simultaneous exhibition in Charleston, WV.How is this checkmate is the king useless?You say that none of the other moves other than Qd2 lead to anything.:-) thechesswebsite commentator.

richmond telin

castling ?

H. A. N

Ti sao sau mi trn c th li hai con vua gia vy (hi cho bit thi)

Rama Ramadhan

I give 1 Like

Kelly Bell

Amazingly wonderful!

Xavier Semel-DeFeo

Watching this today I feel like Carlsen played better, more exciting chess back then. Either that or everyone has gotten so good it's more boring.


you need to go to Penn Teller to show this trick of

Michael Oliveira

Gorgeous piece!

Tony Barfridge

What is an imbalance

Official SkyDx

4:51 wow nice team