Anime Human Chess 2010: Fight 11 - Jotaro vs Rock Lee

You don't want bethe Wuhan in US.Both parents are unfit, The cops didn'tconfiscate the gun?Somebody can say me: Who wins that game?Not sure what heppened at the end but if it really is getting to you irl.Can you beat pokemon emerald using only me first :)).

We should 'allow' all real numbers.It's absurd thinking that 8 years old magnus was actually a sort of gm.At 12:21 Be6 leads to another interesting forced checkmate in 2 moves.But how does an electrical circuit work?I made my own chess in language C.10:59Is knight to E3 not a better move?By the drawing of the goats, the artist meant G.I park outside so I can keep my tools in the garage.

Thatis a masonring bay the way wow.This is an incredible project and it is inspires me to push my skills to the next level.The puzzle which you said is the hardest mate in one, why isn't promoting the pawn WITHOUT taking the bishop a mate?What does this have to do with powdered gum.I want to make a table saw like that.

Lol ross was scared pointing every sentence he made.But not so clear.XD Somewhere Slavic perhaps.Thanks for sharing, Steve.Would u be able to use the fact the material gets more translucent on an larger angle to print transparent prints much better.Every dog needs a dog house.Wait, wait, wait.7:12 Why not just take the rook?Muy bueno amigo Felicitaciones.



A perfect tune to end all things great.Thank you bright side I just won a 100 pesos for winning.Come check out our new lofi hip hop mix and let us know what you think!El gambito Halloween es mi favorito.This is interesting.Iron-Man had both majors therefore I shall have both as well.After watching the whole part 1 I want part 2!Can i just use granulated sugar?The cookie joke took me about.What is that at 41:35 ?

A simple move would of been best bc of time left.Very nice cutting board.I would need to up my plane game, though,my shavings are never that nice.Fourier transform can transfer signal's time domain into its frequency domain.Good luck with the frame in the cutting board.Why generally nakamura is beaten by magnus in rapid chess.mis mis mis bumili ka ng mais ingatan mo baka makuba at mapanis HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.57:25 why can't white ply Bxc2?This is why straight people despise the gay culture its very invasive.

And bam someone already did it.

And bam someone already did it.

Pray for Grock.And it lasted for over 3 minutes.This trap was amazing.I would pay top dollar to see you 2 meet up in real life and compete in other things.If you are confused at the start:5-Black hats5- White hatsThank me later.I don't know how your not word championship commentary.Ur Rating and city bro ?If JK Rowling made a book "Hogwarts a History", I would read it.I can cover the remaining $37.

Rich Wachtel

Wooden seat 6" from a stove... what could go wrong?

Sikhumbuzo Nzimande

So the Vietnamese made a "catchy" song about covid19... the irony was not lost on meP.S. i hope the song goes viral too

Jazen Uzumaki

What about naruto

John Hutton

would you ever make a dedicated miter sled?

kevin zhang

thank you for teaching this practical example ... I successfully duplicated it and I have learned so much ... again, jQuery is the saver ...

Crazy Couple

Very well done mate

Tap Maan

Magnus has a really nice sense of humor. Really cool guy.


My first computer oponent. rating hs 1700. I win all