Anime Human Chess 2010: Fight 16 - Ultraman vs Maka

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You missed Qe5 after g5 was issue

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It would be funny if he started the video and just said infinity and one then the video ends

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1.5x better


I honestly found a way with the given pattern in my first try. Just move all 5 stones from the second line over the middle line, then the 2 from the 4th line on the second, then the left one on the 3rd to the right and the right one on the 3rd to the left and then these two on the first line. Then the left one on the first to the right. After that all 3 left on the first line over the middle line to the second line over the middline. Theb the right one on the first line over the middline to the left and then on the 3rd line , the left one on the second line to tge right and then to the 4th line.

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I think some more Taimarnovgames are welcome. They might be easier to commentate on also:)

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A couple passes through the planer and it'll be perfect. Kidding, that's amazing.

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Can you cover the Aronian - Grischuk match too? I didn't get to see it, but I heard he had a fabulous rook sacrifice.

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4:03 after Bxg7 Nc3 why not Bxc3?

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Why copper wire?

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I'd hope most of your viewers are familiar with gta....


I'm not very smart, I'm not all that great with math but I have a question for someone that is a little more in tune.I bought a lottery ticket, there's 40 numbers that could be called. You need to land 6 numbers and a special number from 1-9. Statistically, the chances of winning are practically impossible. My query is how do people 'actually' win, if there's only a pool of say a million people yet a couple people may win the jackpot how is that mathematically possible due to the small pool of people to the borderline statistic impossibility?

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0:09 - pronunciation could not be more perfect!

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Somehow this might be my new favorate try guy video