Anime Boston 2010 - Cosplay Chess - Part 3 of 7

Are they brother and sister?Dan Lincoln you did the right thing honoring the piano.If the battery bounces then it has no juice.How can you not like this man.I'm a metal fabricator not an artis, but man I think I could really get interested and deep into jewelry making after watching this video.I wish i was gifted as them.Like coughing sneezing sniffing of their nose imagine the whole world in this room and all the sounds they’d make.

Raaja epadi other coins ah vettum i mean plus la vetuma cross la vettuma.Missed many wonderful moves.Anh i, pht 703 sao anh ko xung Tng b1 bt xe :)).Awesome stuff, this!Imagine getting upset that someone can make two different types of music lol.I subscribes your channel, and now its your term to send me one board.

Ah, the agony of choice.Excellent work, great attention to detail!I didn't understand the bishop sacrifice into a resignation.Thought it would be the attack on titan opening.Bruno, Curitiba-Brazil.Noob,Funny players.Gosto mais do baianinho!5:25 i am just laughing 5:28.Torx screws are the best.

Which would be correct, but consider this: if those people die, then they won’t have to put up with China’s social credit system, so, I Think that will be an absolute win for them to.Gilbert from Canada.It's really interesting to get a peek at what's under the hood.Kansas has it too.Camel is there to save rani.

When Edmar looks to trade off

When Edmar looks to trade off

Did I miss something?Again this is to vacate the c6 square for the light square bishop to defend d5.A viruse that travels the globe and has such a high rate of infection is considered a pandemic.This must be a trap.Only two type of people believe this wasn't cheating: morons and white knights.Magnus will crush him very badly.

So Good Is

So Good Is

Active area of research?Are you available for acoaching purpopsoes reading books dont improve thought process you are 2700 plus payer yaar you lefvel is different and our level is 2400 it is below that super gm levle.You just made your own game show chess set.Hey Steve, I watched your 7 part series on how to make a chessboard (which looks awesome!I got 4 of them.Which team do you think used the best chess engine during the games?

But where's the white flag?Now that science has progressed, we know that there are almost an infinite number of stars and planets in our universe which can sustain life.3:41 thats what she said.The geico ad is absolutely killing me.Let's say black moves bishop to h5, doesn't matter, u can still take it with rook and it'll be checkmate.Im not aware of this rule.Your diagram of layout of the tracks is incorrect.

2) As someone else pointed out, there is no need to do anything as there are already three squares of equal size, and there’s nothing in the rules opposed to that solution.Me gust las movidas.Who was advising the Shapiro family?Awesome as always.Couson: A man should only have a dog.It should be known that at 9:26 the knight is not trapped as whatever black plays white has rhd1 to rescue the knight from the 'cage' so to say.Y'all kinda cremated that poor turkey's legs : rip turkey dude may your raw uncooked wings guide you to salvation.Not that it would have made a huge difference.

Jaelyn Patillo

something is off about this ..

Chor Kim

how many ping when you play Mr.John


You forgot the cross promo

Steve S

Play the video at 0.5x speed. I guarantee you'll find physics funnier than stand up comedy

Alex Rozenbom

I wish that you wouldn't insult Geller so much.You keep calling him F-ing Geller.Not nice.


Thanks for the great advice man!

Marcelo Rocha

This conversation has lighted my life so much, because everyone's telling you about the big genious that do all of this stuff, then this guy steps in and say he's not like that, I feel home and so good about myself. It's like we can be the way we are and change the world the way we are.

Mariano Freyre

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Anton Maximus

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Ida Sulistiani

Kenapa peluncuruan putih kok gak dimajuin

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Blaine Stevenson

this guy is the Bill Nye of wood working