Animatrix 2011 - Ghost in the Shell S.A.C 2nd GIG - Motoko Kusanagi - Xander

We don't do book learning around here.Real life kindergarden in steven universe.At 8:31 looks like something moved outside that window after you both heard that piano sound.2020 - lL NJAN FIRST ADICHU.That was really interesting and educational.Me, someone who's main drive letter is S: : I m n o t l o o k i n g f o r C :.I found that move where you asked to pause the video after 15 minutes.Did I say that I am the happiest since the Capablanca Saga begun?

Having the right tools is the thing.Well played Jerry!5:16 qe8 was better than qc7.Alekhine might get his idea to play a complicated game against Capa after learning this game.And then when Mongolian tribes had established their rule in the marshes of modern Moscow, their descendants stole the name and the history of the whole big country known as Rus to have some connection with the civilization.

I love his akward dad jokes.At generation 2000 he came out of the screen and bit the coder and then got shot by John Connor.It sound so fuuuu-king familiar but I can't remember.If you could use it with lichess or chess.I mean, they are humans.

Actual statistics.

Actual statistics.

Can i make this in OTG.They turned out awesome but everything you do does.What is the algorithm telling me with THIS?I'm making breakfast for dinner tonight and making these for dessert, thank you!I see Native American already develop Cigar.Iroko is very oily texture, this looks more like sappy Walnut, but loving the videos as ever !Careful man,I just touched a brand new solid carbide router bit ever so slightly the other day, and it sliced about 116' deep into my finger.Thank you for explaining FFT so well.

At 10 56 something said don't

At 10 56 something said don't

Really enjoying your videos man.Wei Yi vs Vladimir Potkin - 77th Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2015Thank you in advance for any 1'slikescomments etc.:D The floor might get quite damaged though.In normal home use its not a big deal but if you use your knives a lot you would be sharpening them several times a day.I’m gonna watch these videos like a crack head until the FISA report comes out!Magnus makes it look easy.Not a good game though, I play better than this.

You two are

You two are

"I think this idea comes from the colonial period where water on ships had about a 2%-3% alcohol content and couod be considered ale.Farewell master burglar.Ainda mais com legendas.Apology is not enough, next time just don't upload two videos so far or I'm unsubscribing.(And then forwarding them this video.


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5/6... number 5 is hard!

Dimitra Vassiliou

pure magic!!

Edison Flanagan

Why not 19.f4?

Hyunjun Roh

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Saad Alshibani

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Miner Kitten

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Chess Serbia


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Aghh I need this game so bad , can someone buy this game for me ? I am saving up for subnautica and my time at portia

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I cast my vote for Bernie today in the Global Primary, and it felt really good.

Exo's paradigma

Thanks for this video. It was a great help! I made one as a Christmas gift and for my first cutting board it turned out well. I deleted my comment last week just incase they saw it and I'd spoil the surprise. They loved the gift btw.Thanks again!