Animator vs. Animation IV (original)

They wasted millions of dollars to decode it by taking help of alan turingHe gifted usComputerBtw they should have used Google translater.Its nice to hear agadmators voice again.Are we in the Twilight Zone or what?Dileepetanne pwoli.36:32 "My king rook is really happy, he's smiling if you look closely at him.Trailer looks good I really cant wait.

Worst position in chess history?A blue orb appeared on 13:38 to 31:41.Keep up the good work.Dipped and clipped.Ballari raja alladay yelluri raja nintakka yellalu uuran vanna raja.25 next to his points score, for Hikaru, it's got 33.I can sure see where that machine can come in real handy and the new blade setup looks like a lot less work in the end.The CPU chip could've been damaged from the bad storage.Absolute Spitze, wie gewohnt von dir!

Oke ente baryede bagym pole.Wondering why you allowed for movement in the lid with the floating panel, but in the bottom you glued it snug and flush.And his confidence!Good job, I am subscribed.Dems are leaving to join Trump 2020 !

More on experiences.Thank you so much.Do that for a bit, then go back to working on timing.Good call getting rid of the subtle curve too let that sexy bottom speak for its self.We re going to have tournament tommorow Im going to use 4move checkmate and friedliver attack.This episode made me want to jump off a table and land on my head.That glass building is amazing itself.The champ making agad look like a 1600 player.

Background music please.

Background music please.

The second one is 2's and 5 's and the last one is 2's and 3's.Can JC just get his flowers without the damn terms and conditions.I was thinking about how much careful it should be kept the person who buys it.Mind you I am too old to really learn much that I will use except in blitz but it is interesting to see the ideas of chess.Why are the Soviets always the best chess players?

Is there a book presenting the Fourier transform in a similar graphical manner as you make that you can recommend?Like before watch.Aspect is equals to (Screen.I'm not saying that you would actually want to build a full kitchen with those 2 tools as your only option, but you could do it.They're going to avoid containment like Iran.That's just so poor.

vali ardelean

That was tight


One of the best videos by Ben Finegold.

Christian Collins

In the Seargent(?) book there are two consultation games with Morphy/ someone VS. Staunton/ someone.Morphy's side wins both games and you can sort of tell Morphy is calling the shots.They are very interesting games.

Arthur Humphreys

Its the same music thats on cat videos...nice model.

Jurica Cafuk

23:30 why wouldnt 8 do the job for Phil, wouldnt he win with last card being 8?

Lasse Nrregaard

Hey Agadmator. I hope it is okay that I ask questions on one of your old videos (I am binge-watching your channel). I cannot help wondering why white didn't play Nc3 after black had played Qc4. Would that not have been a perfect defense to Alekhine's "Execution"?

Dave B

Lou what's the fetish about the word Pandemic? I don't care what they call it as long as they stay on it.

dab loz

add a nvidea 1050 in it pls

Ocean House

Answer the boats captain is old enough to have a job......


I'm laughing so hard at 8:35

homer ellah

4:31 is there someting a moe sargis rigth there is some there

Gerard Tyrrell

A lady who's happy tooverload the scales, you don't see that every day.

Josue Munro

hallo dis is maaato


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Tuong Nguyen Van

Vua c c n tt ko anh

Jack Nguyen

nu vua n con tng th sao 3:18

Tom bryan

Nice table, if you could remove that circuit board and replace it with wood it would be a useful piece of furniture.

tom Walton

What is on your neck Moe sargi

Ilenia D'Aquino

When i smoke a Joint big as me, this is the lighter i use



Harumi Caluza

I don't condone what he has done -But the fact that he really could have been saved from his mind and actions bother me.The receptionist have had a chance to lead him to another path in life and not kill these people.Maybe in a different timeline, he did.

Arctic Circle

Awesome Mr David.....great very interesting project.