Anatomy of a Swimmer - How does Olympic champion Abbey Weitzeil generate speed?

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I also try to start my work.A straight flush beats a full house!White can't take the bishop on a5 with the queen because the pawn on e5 is blocking it.Nakakaiyak hndi papigilang tumulo ang luha.Choice(choices)if transform and seedsj 1:seedsj 0daysum numdaysprint("The expected number of days is", round(daysum runs, 2)).

This is a copy from Dota

This is a copy from Dota

When magnus went bishop f1 and said boom, why is black rook f1 taking it not a good move?Fakt super prcika :-).Is it weird to be 15yrs old and like the classics!HoleDarknessMilk truckWholesomeFridayWaterMapNineFingerBackMirrorNameMercuryWaterFenceFireKangarooLeafOdd numbers.Duality is everywhere.Oh wow, Duda beat both Karjakin and Grischuk.

Budapest Gambit is another

Budapest Gambit is another

I like the hexagon design for the bottle.How i play this game in mobile.Deserve mo lahat ng blessings na dumating sa'yo, kasi ang taong mapagpatawad ay ibe-bless ni God.If Bxd8 then Nxc3 wins a pawn and regains the queen.I have been in that position so many times.Hi Jimmy, Is the square ruler that you use stainless steel?Is it me,or do anyone else hear cameo-candy in the background playing.15:02 deport all moral paladin commies to africa.

By the way, I've never seen captures

By the way, I've never seen captures

Hi Steve :) Thank you so much for these videos!Dude sweet workshop!Time to go eat some cheese!So if I understand correctly time stopped or slowed down for 11 years for stella (compared to earth time) right?Beautiful music, thanks.

Your house is gonna burn down.Just the court of public opinion.Not sure if I'm more surprised by Rick playing upright bass that well or by his terrifying hairy forearms.21:36 what would you suggest we do to make debian desktop better?This kid is more interested in biting his finger than in the actual game.Finally I've been this earlyyyy.

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Nice clickbait putting Carlsen in the thumbnail.


So beautiful


"It's not entirely obvious what to do" to get to row 2? ... My first thought worked. And was easily extensible to 3. Though my solution to 3 had a different arrangement... 4, on the other hand....

gib son

Flawless, congratulations! I tried this method but top fondant and side one didn't melt togehter and become one piece like in your cake. How can mitigate that? Thank you

Ravita Sunny

Very nice dear

Nick Callahan


Tun Anh Phm Vn

Mc2 ch ko phi mc3


Post rock is as good as it gets, and this shit right here is an excruciatingly rare master stroke from someone who clearly understands the genre. Works like this should take years to complete, and not without suffering. Let all the hack bands out there trading on its name flock here to take notes.


15:06 is it Right, that Magnus didnt captured the rook because of the capture at f6 with the bishop?


In 2014 my friend told me to listen to this song and it was his fault that in 2020 i am still listening this!!!!

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LOL you did that family guy voice way to good!  that was not scary! lol

Don Bell

I just made a lamp out of an old pot. I'd have sent it to you to ease your pain.You have too much time on your hands. Nice work none the less

Amirul Lazin

i cant even play the normal chess properly

alberto gonzalez

I miss the gripper intro

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The concept of "expected number of days that all six seeds are trees" should be explained in everyday terms so that that layperson can understand the answer. The statement "It takes about 4 days for all 6 seeds to become trees" just adds to the confusion because it is inaccurate and misleading. It might take six months or never happen at all. What the answer tells us is that it is more likely that the sixth seed will turn into a tree at 4.03 days than at any other point in time. However, it is only very very slightly more likely. Another way to look at this is: if you had to bet when the sixth seed would become a tree, your best bet is 4.03 days. However you are virtually certain to lose, because the probability that the sixth seed will turn into a tree at exactly 4.03 days is infinitesimally small. It's just that the probability that it will happen at any other time is even smaller.

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Nice workJimmy!I loveed!Great job!Diresta style!

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1:30 why not K c7?????


Graff coming out with new model:) yep.

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Sounds good but your hands don't look cool. Those that cant do..... thanks anyway xx

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I just want to say Thank you for these videos!They are Very appreciated!I just made one of your cutting boards for a Christmas present, one of the kayotic ones, and everyone Loved it!1st board I've ever made!It was a lot of work, but I definitely want to make more and try the more challenging designs! Thank you, and Have a Happy New Year!