A Nasty Discovery? || Carlsen vs Aronian || Croatia Grand Chess Tour (2019)

This guy is definitely a cyborg.Chess was invented in India.  the celts over 25,000 years ago slaughtered a cow and in its stomach found alcohol.Just like on medicine, two rare cases never happens in time apart from each other.

Demolishing lower rated players in style!I just love his friendly next door guy attitude.Wow you are the man Great help thankyouActually it’s not great it’s incredibleNot to mention that using these jigs will add safety.Black canwin it if it play well.

I love how the guy requesting the Fischer games requested them in exactly the same fussy, specific way Fischer requested things.Anyone else seeing this or am I trippin?Sad how Svidler blundered away game 1.I'd really like to own one of those, maybe even a bit larger, if it's not too pricey.Nc6 discovered check.This is a real treat for people to play the world champ.Different people now, but basically the same set of circumstances :).Bernie wants to lead a Communist takeover of America.Stop making excuses.Watching Yanks try to eat it was getting old.

I thought that

I thought that

Then, if he wants to "shatter" the white queenside pawns, Black must exchange his dark-square Bishop for the white Knight on c3.At 9:23 Queen to F8 to capture the tower.Well dang, I started on C when I was 11 and I’ve been too scared to start coding again.I’m recently graduated from college and I LOVE billiards so I thought maybe I could commission you for one if you’re still doing any.Adventure time is set in a post apocalyptic world, so it kinda makes sense that everything sounds out of tune, and they pronounce the names wrong.Hey does any rember toy soldiers (creation scenes).

HTML CSS aren’t programming languages, they’re markup

HTML CSS aren’t programming languages, they’re markup

Time to save up to buy this Masterclass!They should do "their own" show called miller gang.If Bg2 KBg2 Kf5 Kf3 0.That's my "move" :-).Ke8 is only move, rg8.Thats a stone masson.4:19 : rook check the king then king to g1 thene gueen to b6 check then white queen to c5 ( hikaru would win this game i don't know why he resigned ).

Cole Privett

I want a custom one! Lol i could just be the pieces separately

Gabe Merritt

That's really a fantastic game, it's crazy the amount of thought that is needed to play at this level

Zer0X. exe

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Chilling that I was born and lived in Gloucester till I was 13...

Lennox Lewis

Magnus is greatest chessmaster in the all history

robert pughj

Tedros is an idiot and is complacent in this PANDEMIC

Oskar Bravo

You remind me a bit of the rapper "Slaine"... Keep up the good work my man, loving your Udemy course.

Utku Ege Uslu

What a trash playing from white

Ashiqe vc Kariparamba


Javier Vega

Good work!!

Sarah Frank

Does anyone know why white didn't play Pf4 at 9:06?

Tushar Gaming Studios

sir i am having photo with you i am from lakecity

Eduardo Britto

Nola discovered the mole and was eliminated, I'm SO PISSED

Vuk Damjanovic

Very Funny and Interesting video.

Ana Camila Garcia

Love banter Blitz with Carlsen but I consider this to be the worst as Magnus did not seem to be too interested and on the other hand the interferences from Jan did not help

Kevin Park


sharmaine ced

Bagay na bagay talaga silang dalawa. Kakakilig sila panuorin


You should show in the video you giving back honestly, not only would it be nice content but it would provide the viewers with the ability to see that interactions and allow us to possibly adapt the good natured approach that you take in terms of these matches

Arabinda Jena

That hilarious face of Carlsen at 1:47 was moment Of the match

fox mulder

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I love zach's laugh so contagious

Son Goten

PLEASE make more endgame analysis vids. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

Robson Rangel

no Brasil???


Nice fire emblem game.

Mohammed Jalloh

2:38 that's for killing my Wife!!


This video makes me haaappy. :)

Doug Boggio

Awesom as usual......howdy from MontanaYour videos make me glad I'm a woodworker like you so I can make this stuff myselfJust wish I had your tools tho