Anand vs Carlsen - 2013 Tal Memorial Blitz Chess

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I love your work Thomas. Not just the pieces but the videos. There's a real sense of respect for the beauty of the wood and the piece.

Sefa Yurtseven

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Conrad Conero

Robbie, I like this approach and was attempting to us it when I stopped playing seriously some 20 yeas ago.  I never got killed in he opening with the KIA like I did in some other openings, but I also never got the intended and promised King-side attack out of this opening and eventually lost a lot because since it's a quiet opening, without pressure my opponents had time to build their defenses.  However, I think I'm going to try to us this system again and spend more time learning the middle game that arises from it to see if I can get better results.  I tried the Colle for a while too, but g7 or Bf5 by Black usually avoided it, so I gave that up. 

Gerard Markham


Gabriel Meneses

My sincere congratulations Master. I have learned a great deal with your lectures. Excellent tricks, and very clear and acurate explanations. Definetely something different in these pages. Please continue instructing us with the mysteries of the best game ever created by human kind.

Dalton Phelps

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Abyaz XD

Firouzja : imma open this bishop's diagonalCaruana : ight im outta here

gurugubelli venkata narasimha das

Ling is more powerful then dyrroth

Warning Drama From Thailand

Don Roberto

Have you considered applying the epoxy with a syringe to the channels?

Edwin Wilson

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Arthur Refslund

She already knows how to make make clickable thumbnails. Scary....

Diggy Dude

I hated the way 8-track tapes would break to switch tracks in the middle of a song. "Wish You Were Here" definitely wouldn't have flown as a stack of 45s.

Silina Lina

Baljeet Singh

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Dancing Dazzle

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My favorite opening is: "I don't know what the hell I'm doing here!"

Lee Hung

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A more precise terminology for this video would be "Most Iconic Romantic Music Masterpieces Everyone Knows in One Single Video".


i really like nimzo-larsen attack, because it is like reverse nimzo-indian or queen's indian with extra tempo.

haha derp

11:34 wtf was that!!


Richard is not a good player, he makes lot of fault in this game. He shouldn't pull his king, should pull the pawns.

jose m

7:16 - 7.34 Hikaru in deep think

cesar g

Thanks for keeping the DIYer in mind.