Anand Goes For A Fantastic Queen Sacrifice Against Russian Businessman

What brand of belt sander was in wood marking video?10:49 after Kg8 then Qd5 (use of a central square as you spot) check will work.Oh boy, here come the recommended squad.I have been at both extremes and the only thing that Maters is contentment enough with the situation to go on further and see if you enjoy the next day :) QC.Ithink Charlie do not have it anymore.The great Gary Player said that the better he got at golf, the luckier he became.InnerWidth3canvasBars.The loser always gets an excuse.

You talk too fast was you speaking english?Read the other book!First, hey Joel.Kxd8 (the last move of the video) it's better 9.An incredible book, Tal was really a literature man and the book looks like a novel.Congratulations for ur bright future.I love how real you are.What a coincidence.

And thats the rook lol.

And thats the rook lol.

Good job,keep it up.Go ahead, Mr Joestar.17:51 queen d1 is instant checkmate.I just took a random equation.He would have tremendous in any age.I have a huge slab of black walnut I want to put above my fireplace, this is a great reference on how to get it done, thanks!Looked really nice at the finish.Thank you Jay, and hopefully you will win a few of your games.Ughhh that would be awesome to see you on their show!Dear chess lovers by pressing the "Like" button (not this comment but the video ) you are promoting this beautiful game known as chess, and also motivating me to work with a doubled enthusiasm.

I don’t think he’s an all court player.Waaw i want this how many coins.Big fan of this format.He would have won with the King of hearts on the river too.Navy win at Midway?Nakakaiyak nman ang istoria na ito sobra ganda.Did you use that small craftsman compressor for the spray gun?

So humble and kind.Just unbelievable.Now make a NOT gate with this.Bao gi bn ra video mi vy.One of your best videos yet, love the way you explained it all.

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Who lives in aurora,CO plz reply to my comment or like so I know who might know these secrets


Think most Redundancy came when they incorporated Macromedia products

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Glue and sand paper. Genius. Haven't seen that one yet. Definitely going to keep that in mind for my smaller board projects.

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This porn has way too long introduction

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pure delight.


Go Ben!So is it just me or you seemed a lot happier playing on Lichess as opposed to

vasquell 7

At 2:30 why can't the pawn take the knight?

Ark X.

Absolutely fantastic!

bless up

U deserve more subs!

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Just had to post this... the Tokyo Institute of Technology... TIT?


Lmao even on chess videos theres still a format.Person: says somethingPerson 2: says something else that people find funnyGET LIKES :)

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What a game!!!!!!Thank Suren for this amazing game



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Q2KV Anna Daggu vaste kobari nune gontu kada rastaru... Apudu Ela tagutundi

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Happiness is not a destination, is a way of life.

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Come on dudes and chess talk defeat me

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It's like asking Mozart - do you know the major scale in all 12 keys haha