Amazing Wooden Magnetic Chess Set Game | Unbox & Review in Hindi

27:03 nice gap over there.Alpha's play was exemplary, but certainly not an indictment of the Bronstein defense.Freethinkin123 Yes, you're right there is no "knockout blow", but it's a lot easier to play for white and black has to defend very accurately just to stay in the game.

What a calculation!A piece of art, I liked the statement "at my shop I own failures", great woodworking skills.Ok youtube i clicked it.Could you fill it in with epoxy resin?Read that in a book years ago.Magnus, you're under arrest.Swan go,just couldn't stop, escaped before the police could get him, but repeated the same crimes.And so satisfying when it comes together in parts.

Ahhh ahhhh takes ahhh ahhhhhhhh well ahhhh

Ahhh ahhhh takes ahhh ahhhhhhhh well ahhhh

Hurry up and resign.3:37 how are we attacking the queen?Thanks for adding my name in your video.Do You Sell Them?Rook for bishop.

But I'm at 31 minutes in and I'm

But I'm at 31 minutes in and I'm

You see this kids.Asian families do this the most, especially Vietnamese culture.What exactly were the dremel bits you used.Game 1 Qd6 was awesome.Now, these are Pro tips!Then he can queen the pawn and take black pawns and checkmate black king.

It looks like shit.

It looks like shit.

You are excellentSir.I just beat a 1294 i was 1193, i just waited for the mistake to come and tried to improve my postion and it worked.You’re so graceful with that nail gun Jimmy.Hi sir Roderick Nava Pa shout out po.This work yours is beautiful.Check out his stream video on my channel PART 3.Unfortunately I was never taught anything about tools, how to use them correctly or learned any type of trade.Why would you destroy it?Bakery box under your chop saw bench.


Just resignresigns soon after

Alexey Souvorkin

Niki is the real star here. Photos AND video, check and mate, no resign.

Ali Mahmoud

Good job

Austen Anderson

Older bananas are more alkaline


12:24 U hit my nut ahaha


One of the better TED talks. Still very mad at you idiots for what you did to Graham Hancock, and you'll never be forgiven for it.

John Smith

so many brilliant moves!!!!


at first I tought it was a ''this old tony'' video, I was like : wow he's so silent in that one

Claude Armstrong

More snyde comment?Fine!There's a godzillian faces on the first cut . . .The cut with the rounded cutting edge has far more actual surfaces . . . they're simply closer together, more like a mirror finish.Nice clear details.Thanks!


I have no idea how to play Chess, nor do I have any interest in it, but this is really fucking cool. I would have this as a decorative piece

Dhaval parmar

If 2night then what can I do?


did u just miss a mate in 2 at 12:30? Qh6->Qg7, u did many moves before this :D

Raju Chander

Awesome Louis

Gordon Xu


Mahroof Mahroof

Mammokka gopika polichu


New drinking game. Every time Jerry refers to a rook as a pawn, take a shot!

male Gupta

waoh bhia ahsivin awsome traick and traps after qe2 yaar mazaa aa gya great f7 pei knight ka sac bhia superb superb.