Amazing Chess Game: How the Kings Gambit defeated World Champion Bobby Fischer (Boris Spassky White)

HEY EEN NEDERLANDER.Gw kira jago lu bray,team hitam ternyata oon.Now I know what audio compressionducking is haha!" He's got a way with chess and with words.

I just saw the video 4 years later and I'm afraid michael's wrong about the odds, he forgot about the sequencing (order) of the cards chosen.2020 il arenkilum kanunnundo.I have wanted to play chess for a long time but never could find anyone to explain it as good as this.I actually had a lot of respect for Linus until I realized how full of shit he is.Great job as always!Chess pieces are on my todolist.I’m not one for saying killers can’t help themselves in general, but in a case like this I don’t see how he ever stood a chance.35:54 bishop to d3.

Incredible win by Aronian, a

Incredible win by Aronian, a

Very fine work that i can only dream of being good enough to pull off.I realy learn a lot of your video's thankyou.I'm willing to bet that whenever it rains the water just beads off of Steve's driveway with all of the over-spray from the lacquer that's laying on top :).Looking forward to another awesome video course.You are a real Master.Robert Hess is such a good commentator.Game was fantastic.It is like peg solitaire combined with chess.

Man plz post fruit cake.And its like 25-15 years old so it has artifficial intelligence to i don't know how tho.15:47"If you try something else, there's nothing else to try.He looks like Greg Kinnear.Love those cops in that car ride with him.At what price you want to sell this masterpiece.Gateway is the most savage company I've heard of.I thought you were heating by induction when I saw that wires.

Now tell me this: what color tie am I wearing?Holy smokes indeed.Did you watch this back after you made it?I wonder if manwithavan is a reference to Peep Show:.God dam this mad is precise.Why didn't Carlsen just try to use up Nakamura's remaining time of less than a minute to win the game?You lose the king.So you need to throw 64 coins 8 times in average to get them faceoff.Now that im older i purchase the games that i truly believe in.Klo pemain catur asli jarang ada pemain yg mau gerakin kayak gt.

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I kind of like the "Did you figure it out"...

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3:48:59 lol.

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As a newbie woodworker on a fixed income I really appreciate your expertise and for sharing your videos to help us all Thank you, Rodney

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Great job!! PS : The dentist scene hurts!!!


I could listen to Yasser all day long

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It's been so long we need to see the standings of 1959 candidates again.

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Wow! Chess never looked so amazing before!

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Very nice video. Thanx for making it

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Le Bucket Lid shirt, Epic!! Nice Nick Ferry Lucky my build was out of scrap this week, didn't hear about it before everybody published.

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This game was played with both players are blindfolded? Amazing!

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Absolutely stunning. A real master class in every craft you employ. We mortals can just watch and dream. Thank you

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6 are dead not 5 SOWWY HAHAHA 6:07

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10 :55 you had to capture the queen with you're knite

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Omg that’s creepy, this guy was arrested on my 21st birthday

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This is like watching Bob Ross make a game

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Someone you can listen to who has the track record of decades of wins and losses is priceless when it comes to staying calm when the seas are churning with doubt and optimism. I hope Mr Buffet can do these types of interviews for more years and stay as sharp as a tack.