Amazing Chess Game: Garry Kasparov vs Anatoly Karpov - Linares 1992 - Caro-Kann Defense (B17)

Biden: "We'll see who's sleepy on super Thursday.Row0 11 1a 1b2 1a2 2ab 2ba 1b23 1a3 3a2b 3b2a 1b34 1a4 4a3b 6a2b2 4ab3 1b4.His teaching skills areoff the charts Better than some teachers i guess.30:05 i think g3 wins the rook.So, we totally wiped it ( other units other folks gave us when they got same treatment).) You are a great master!As fast as I can click.

But you cannot get quality custom made pieces like that in regular stores.This was a nice beginners guide!I'm very interested in chess, problem is I suck at it.Why did they stop playing?They eat their own.When he brings into the high tech fabrication the reality of the on the job craftsman and that person art, I gained huge respect for this man.Hello agadmator i hope you are fine, i am a new subscriber to this channel and because it is a bobby fischer series I wanted to share this video and i want to hear your opinion about it.

The black pawn moves F5, then white pawn moves F6 and black pawn disappears?He already looks sick of everyone's shit.Name the bow stinger or the stingerSomeone else has probably commented this already but whatever.I love YB's editing!What is Prodigy?This beats the hell out of the old cocktail napkin rose move.While i am slowing closing my eyes forever.

With both sets of panels of course.This fucker loves circles!Everytime I'm playing chess and it's not going well for me, there is a little voice inside my head "aaaand." "Doesn't feel right.Let's see how is Carlsen going to answer tomorrow.

She only lost cause shes black being black is already a disadvantage.Am I the only one who thinks that lincon will be the perfect boy for you are the role of boi (artreas from god of war 4).If white does the move then black can just simply forward its pawn til it gets to the other end of the board then black obviously wins becuz black has a queen while white only has a pawn.What is your water to baking soda ratiowhat are you using to control the level of voltage.But I think that kind of stuff is more cost timeeffective casting.



Janet Finlay

This was a good video i love how the door in the start sounded like it was on the death star


9:14 he ould of played queen to d8 ... would of been check mate

Talk Nua TV

You are so good at filming videos. Thank you agadmator. I love Chess!

Todd Hageman

Who knew plywood could be so beautiful?Really interesting project. Thanks for showing us this.

Blender Rookie

If it's more complicated than a cube, then I might not be able to keep up.

Mehedi Hasan

When Tal sacrifices his Queen, the best move is to resign the game.

Steve Silvas

Next Video...How to make a Tiny Hot Dog Grill Using a Az.Tea Can Cut Length Wise..

Ali Can Sariaslan

I was waiting a video from him for a long time... Hope there's more on the way.


Troll romance.This is my worst comment


Dry ass crowd!!

Geeta Tiwari

is he seeing bd5in the position

Jameson Richards

2:24 some nice editing with the beat drop

Adam Hathaway

laughs in 2015 macbook air


This is simply fantastic. Just absolutely gorgeous.

Niezaleny Polska

Wielki szacunek


Muy lindo!