Amazing Chess Attacks - The King Hunt 2 with Mato Jelic

New to watching your videos where do you get layout for each piece.31:16 Awesome game :).How beautiful, wonderful job sir!

If you're interested

If you're interested

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I got one from Toys R Us in But it looks different.The Girl Didn't see The Rook in His Left Hand on The h5 If She Move it On The White King Side and The Pon is Not Moving Its A bEautiful Checkmate.That unibrow-mustache combo is disturbing.Much appreciated!You can hear it in his voice and see it in his face how much he loves Becky.Can you turn them down next video?

Good joke video.

Good joke video.

And yes Naka, Perry live is the worst thing ever!Hey Eric,thanks for making these videos and also telling us some sneaky traps like this.I have decided AlphaZero is Mikhail Tal back from a long rest and healthy !Uh, your router's vacuum system could use a re-do.It's so powerful!You need to go back and correct all that stuff LOLGet a different ouija board and take it to the house and make sure you say goodbye this time!Sehr gutes Video!There's a hanging rook, or he could capture the pawn with check.

What is the thickness of teh boards -- your directions were excellent -- HOPE ot be starting a board for our grandson shortly -- thickness could be an issue because he is only 8 wish to have a board he can carry around the housedick.X31 doesnt mean x has to be 1 there are imaginary answer too watch bprp video to understand this.Math, coffee and Leo D!8:28u broke it dude.Philidor's mate!Kisi k pas ladoo chocolate ki recipe hai?Wat is dat voor laag op 4:40 die je aanbrengt?

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When white resigned, he would have lost the queen but have taken the bishop immediately after and had 2 rooks for 1 queen. That doesn't seem so bad, so why did he resign?


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Somebody buy these craftsmen some safety glasses.


10:53 there's the option of Bxf7Qxf7 Qxg7, and White wins an Exchange plus 2 pawns. I suppose the recapture on f7 wouldn't be completely forced but Black's game is just dreadful in any case.


That time against Lance crushed my heart, feelsbadman !

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I wondered how they solved the horse, which sometimes has to jump over other ones, but it just moves between the pieces. It's just enough space for that...I was expecting some complicated solution to this lol.


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In this game, I had to ask myself who was going to win. Turns out I was right. The game won. Very well played.


G’Day Mate...Enjoyed watching you play on line. Have you done any other videos like this or do you plan on doing more. Cheers

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Any chance of making an all white Game of Thrones inspired cue calling it the "The Whitewalker"

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