Aman Hambleton Plays Against Users In the First Ever Sub Saturday!

I heard a couple of her bars in her previous battles!Omg who's here in 2019?You are Brits are very proud of Joseph Henry Blackburne !That was the same red he been for years he did n have not one shitty round.In other words, please use food-safe mineral oil instead of lacquer.

Pls use caution when using this, read rules of it if youre going to use it.Peke ng British accent ah.Else how would you promote a pawn to queen when you have one on the board already.Math for superior comingmathematics, please, where all of (e, pi, 0, -1, i) are no numbers, you may start with this link:.I've watched it multiple times and would like to see you do a video on it.25:58 look at chat.Oh wow i'm an excellent endgame player but still 800 on chess.OK, the cute kids at the end made up for the lousy 80’s porn music!

Italian game is nice way to beat lower rated players like 1200 range.The video starts at 2:20.If Chess would have considered a religion, Bobby would be the GodTamal, 2019.The brother sure does like saying things twice.I need to see Spirited Away.I even used this in my tournament and won the game.Striped means positive here.I can see making several different types of flowers to make a boquete, maybe out of different metals!He looks a bit like adam sandler.Surprised the comments have less mention of the audio balancing.

The queensack in the

The queensack in the

He is just an asshole pretenting to be blindfolded but there is a slight gap at bottom region fold, see him adjust that blindfold here at 11:39.I don't get his logic.Hey agad, how about Qxh4 at 6:02 ?Ayyo ithavanalla.I've won several games in less.The loneliest coffee table ever.GOD be with you always.Thanks a lot very helpful.Actually, the step itself is valid, but it is an implication, not an equivalence, meaning that a solution to the new equation may not be valid for the first one.

But, none Will not love Anand.

But, none Will not love Anand.

Jerry, just so you remain right you're cheating with these arrows :P.I do karateI do it on Monday and Tuesday.You guys are fraud!Thanks you for sharing.Carlsen v leela chess zero suggestion.I WON'T GET THIS CHESS BOARD FROM THEM IF I'M THE ONE WHO ASKED FOR THIS BECAUSE ITS COMPLETELY WRONG!When I watch your videos I actually get a Bob Ross feeling, with all your positivity and showing and explaining how you make everythingYeah, Coding Bob Ross but a bit faster paced.

Love the design.

Love the design.

I think a bit more polishing can make hole lot of difference.If you ever thought that you are the best in something, remember one thing.Or if you want to move horse, it can jump over other buttons.Shipping is cheap to the UK though :).(Just a little correction I noticed, and thanks for the great quality video as always.Yeah, that seems right.The fucking legend himself!I see evil fucks evil.Cost me a nights sleep cuz I could not turn the pc off!Did you just put Calm Ambient Mix from The Hobbit then proceed to play music from Thorin's Funeral?

Apni ki kora oi cartoon ti banichan.( I’m 50 and hated playing it in my youth)love this channel !I've never in my life found anybody who could get me through a college level algebra course.This seems like a very impressive game.0:40 BEN FINEGOLD!Big thanks for this and all your many outstanding other videos.Just fucking rap.Satanists are very patient.But you didn't show that.Had to resign against his dog.

Are you holding the bit in a pin vise?It did plane off.This idea is amazing!14:46 qu nguy him.You make it look so easy :).The new programmer and newer supervisors kept crashing it thinking they knew more than us older experienced operators.

Tyra Lee

Thank you for uploading videos again, missed watching you do crazy cool stuff.

Hestia Lee

I didn't know I was interested in spray tan, but I guess I like it


Good to see Ben back as teacher :D

A - - R - I

Hey Harry potter 2001


Absolutely beautiful! King is in the wrong spot at the end. The color of the queen matches the color of the square!

sisteria mcleod

Sis got some big ass arms



I see it now... Bc8 will prevent mate.

Jessica Obrien

this was the scariest shit I've ever seen when you hear don't leave I jumped 3 ft out of my seat


Id like to kill that freezer mom with my bare hands

John Smith



In those 20 secs he quickly had to agree to a draw with himself

White Rabbit

Poor grandma...

Alekss Zukovskis

nice to be white