All That Remains - This Calling

This mode copied chess rush :.NONFUCKING SENSECARLSEN DOES NOT PLAY THE TARRASCH.It’s actually virtually impossible to imagine how a person with just the one brain could ever visualise the pattern, but to then actually produce what was in your minds eye?Gentlemanjack diresta.So many different ones!D5 is pretty good instead of c5, as Anderssen can win a pawn and get a passed pawn.Taking us through your analyses live is just extremely valuable!I believe genetic defects that cause behavior such as this are real and occurring even more frequently as the years go on.

Best analysis video I have seen, thank you.I mean with lots of love and a good set up, it would be arguably better than anything new.On one hand a simple build, on the other a really cool project.I hope you can fix the instant animationno move sound glitch!

I'll say no more keep up the great

I'll say no more keep up the great

The dislikes were at 199 so i had to dislike to make it to 200.Do not I fill heaven and earth?Congratulations.Southpark rocks !I started watching at video number 2.Great game can only be played by a creative person.

I can see the determination in your

I can see the determination in your

Euwe has a spot in heaven for teaching Fischer to draw sensibly.SARGENTS Assemble!Love ur vids king crusher :3.Overall, this is a very classic game but a weird start by anderssen i personally think a3 wouldn't have won the game, but there could be certainly be some inaccuracies that led to black's loss.Every dog needs a dog house.But what do those hypothetical Bob's think about her?If white takes rook, than black could play bishop to f2, winning the queen.You're welcome :).Liked very much.

Some people just like the

Some people just like the

And you don't have to remember it.Make it make sense!Time control is 15 min 10 s, right?Haha, were you kicked out of bathroom multiple times while getting your project done?(Best on planet, but got bored after 2nd batch andi don't drink much).Rubinstein was a chess gangster.

Sheik Mohamed Amanulaa

Mind blowing confidence, isn't Suren ji???

Nicolas Azoidis

DON'T start with the solution...because that's just adding further bugs that will find you in the corner!

David Curry Films

Beautiful : tiny and fully functional

Gerard Williams

Yeah players had friends back in the day...but they also had blood enemies.Today everybody is cordial.FOR THE MOST PART.

1=x3x=1omega: AM I A JOKE TO YOU??

not yet

Jim Lewis

A small paint roller and a tray of glue will make for a MUCH faster glueup.


Is it just me but this music seems so catchy.

Florentin Goyens

Some people below asked how they should try to win this as black and this is kind of hilarious. Good job Jerry! I feel this content is mostly relevant when you are already a very serious and strong player. Good for general knowledge anyway

Mehmet Ors

I wish it was longer and just watch your work all the father was used to make harness for horses, my aunt's husband and children were in same trade like youI grew up helping my father from raw water buffalo skin to finished harness. You bring my memories back. Specifically time like this there are not many American made products I get excited watching you.. i hope someone can learn from you to continue this craftsmanship continuously

Vinayak Hotkar

love the way Mato says maniac towards the end of the video lol

Sanchit Mukherjee

i went to play under u11 nayional i won 4 games by this tricks i became 25 and my rating is 1447 :)

Ivan Isabeles

What piece does he play at 8:52 ? Thx

Pink ranger

Oops wrong person

Mr Yuvraj

I like it.Pawns.Always Pawns.

Dr.Daniel Patrick

Yasser sounds a bit like comedian Pete Holmes

Indio Sonorense

hermoso qued el cuchillo.yo pagara hasta 59 dlls por el

Simon Olstad

I remember watching record runs and then being around an hour twenty or something

Hermione Granger

Buckbeaks flight is second place really beautiful song Harry potter and the prisoner of Azkaban forever!

Jay Murthy

This sounds like a reading straight off Wikipedia

Shrirang Bondale

Rh2 kiya toh?